David Willis

Freelance Graphic Designer & Photo Editor

Location:Glassboro, New Jersey, United States
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David S. Willis 1504 East Blvd. Glassboro, NJ 08028
The best number to reach me Cell# (856) 562-2479 email / Creativservdw@gmail.com

David Willis: Illustrator. Designer / Photographer
A Native Virginian, born in Norfolk in 1959 of September the fifteenth.

I always had a passion for art, back in my home in Chesterfield Heights between the ages of 12 and 15 I could remember competing with my older brother drawing dinosaurs and marvel comic characters. I not sure who won, but I was so impressed by this talent I wanted to get better in it so from high school, technical trade school and to earning a bachelors degree in Communication Arts and Design (BFA) from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1984 I pursued this dream. But I found it to be very competitive to land a career in this field so I worked most any where just to make ends meet while at the same time seeking out clients who would pay for my creative services.
From the time I completed my studies from VCU I have had numerous clients but yet not enough to sustain a career, but yet even today I still have a passion to pursue this gift. In 2005 I published my first illustrated book through author house publishing company entitled “The People of Lost Heritage,” though it is no longer in print I managed to find it on line at this link http://www.paperbackswap.com/People-Lost-Heritage-David-S-Willis/book/1420823833/

Not long after publishing my book I shared it with a lady who just happened to be writing a children’s book and of all the artist she approached they declined her offer to illustrate her book. To make a long story short I offered to illustrate her book and shared my publisher’s information and today she is a proud published author of the book entitled, “Shypoodle” by Author: Deborah Stalling-Patton, Illustrated by David Willis. We are soon to publish “Shypoodle II” but today “Shypoodle I” can be found at

Today I am newly married, working hard trying to build a photography business in conjunction with my brother’s video business and my wife working with me though difficult at times to make our efforts profitable. See more of my work at
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