Milton Schorr

Freelance Article Writer & Script Writer

Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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After graduation I began to make theatre in both a private and professional capacity. I have created and performed plays in apartments, bars, festivals, parties, traditional theatre spaces and public streets. I was the co-founder of two Theatre Companies, The Butterflies of Africa (along with Steven Pillemer) and The Rooster Collective (along with Steven Pillemer, Myer Taub and Angela Nemov). Together we successfully ran the underground Rooster Theatre, presenting 13 original South African theatre works over a period of one year. I have authored six plays that have been professionally produced and directed many more. I have also authored various short stories, a self published graphic novel, a magazine and various short films.

In 2007 I began work in the film industry, learning the craft as a crew member on international commercials and features and creating my own movies in a private capacity. I am currently developing numerous projects for both film and television, and have successfully completed production on my first short film, Short Man Syndrome, written, directed and produced by myself.

I am currently looking for part-time work to supplement my income, and look forward to connecting with you.
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