Randy Silverman

Freelance Graphic Designer & Comic Artist

Location:Derry, New Hampshire, United States
Phone: 603-425-4125
Website: http://rsilve1060.deviantart.com/gallery/
2 Skills
- Adobe Illustrator CS4
- Adobe InDesign CS4
- Photoshop CS4
- QuarkXpress 7
- Freehand MX
- PageMaker 7
- CorelDraw 11
- Alan Graphics RIP (700 MHz)

- BA Graphic Design, Chester College of New England (2003-2006)

Graphic Specialist/Lead Artist
- Label Art, Inc., Wilton, NH 2000 to 2008
Freelance Designer
- Dark Oz Publications, Salisbury, South Australia 2012 - Present
- Amaru Studios, Hinsdale, NH 2011 - Present
- Federated Media Publishing, San Francisco, CA 2011 - 2012
- SmartBear Software (softwarequalityconnection.com/cartoon-archive/)
- O’Reilly Media, Inc., Sebastopol, CA 2007 to 2011 (wateringholecomic.com)
- Middle School at Parkside, Manchester, NH 2007-2008

- Artist for online comic strip “The Watering Hole” for O’Reilly Media since the strip’s inception using traditional and digital methods. I assumed responsibility of the conceptualization and continuation of the look and format of the strip and its characters as well as maintaining the weekly deadline. The editors are very pleased with my ability to bring the script to life and emphasize the humor and spirit of the strip.
- At Label Art I contributed to the prepress preparation of customer-provided art specs for long and short run labels. I was also in charge of converting files from IBM to Mac formats and preparing files transmitted via e-mail for prepress use, trouble-shooting digital files prior to outputting to the RIP, training new artists, and resolving all prepress issues that arise. Most importantly I was counted on as the second shift “go-to guy” to fix the more complicated 4C files so that they could be sent to the offset presses on schedule and so we avoided costly delays and interruption of the first shift’s schedule. This was a great help for Label Art as prior to me they had to wait for first shift artists to fix the problem that resulted in costly delays and backlogs.
- Comic Book Art instructor for the 21st Century Community Learning Center’s After School Program for Middle School at Parkside. Here is where my ability to share my knowledge and skills really came in handy as I taught the children the methods and techniques necessary to build on as they created their own mini comics.

I am an enthusiastic and professional Designer with over 10 years of experience who enjoys being part of a successful and productive team. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. I am able to work well on my own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure I possess a strong ability to perform effectively.
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Graphic Design
Comic Art