Themba Goodman Zulu

Freelance Database Designer & Network Administrator

Location:Wynberg, Western Cape, South Africa
2 Skills
My name is Themba Goodman Zulu,I am a qualified in Bsc (Data
communication Technology) at University of Zululand in South Africa.
Currently I'm doing Bsc Honours (Computer science) which will be
finally completed towards end of August 2011.I seek to offer my service
to you.

I am vibrant and energetic candidate with a willingness to learn new
skills.I had skill in different programming languages such as:C#,
Java,VB.NET, JavaScript,Object-Oriented Programming,HTML and other
developer programming.My main focus is to get more experience especial
on my field which would take this to a greater heights.I had offered a
post of being IT system administrator assistant by my University as part-time
employee.Although it was great achievement to work on system servers
and network communication but the biggest picture is still ahead to

I am looking for an organization with challenging position, where there is
a scope for demonstration, where I can exercise my technological and
general skill.

My strong academic exposure has enable me to systematically develop a
consistent research approach,planning and organization.This in turn helps me to build and manage high quality standards and the kind of career that I intend for.

During undergraduate I develop system for Flow and Error control in
final year project and in my postgraduate research project I developed
Ontology Infrastructure for Grid-based for SMME.I am used in
researching and finding the right solution to a problem.I am really in
need of joining other people of the world who are in my field.

Coming from a Computer Science background, analytical thinking is essential. I have learned how to apply the knowledge gained at university in a business environment. I believe that I can apply the same skills, experience to a position within your company