William L. Salter

Freelance International Marketer & Creative Writer

Location:Kenilworth, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 609.200.2565
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William L Salter III
New York,NY

Utilize all my skills, knowledge, and experience to serve others and help them become successful.

Independent Brand Marketing Specialist 1999-Present
Past clients include:
Response Records, Virgin Megastore, Athletes Foot, URB Magazine and Crunk Energy Drink, MusikJunkies, Information Fashion, Streetela
Current clients include:
AfroLatino.tv, The Venus Project and World Hip Hop Market

Snapshot of past Work History:

2008-present: Founder and Host of “Global Soul” Global Soul" is a monthly International Hip Hop and Soul fundraiser party put on by The Go-Getters Union. "Global Soul" raises awareness, and is an active movement in support of human and earth justice in solidarity with the global struggle against social, economic, educational injustice as well as environmental injustices.
2006-2008 Virgin Megastore: Sale Associate at Hollywood and Denver locations
2007 Journeys: Sales Manager
2005-2007 Five Points Plan ,LLC: Brand Manager
2000-2004 Founder and member of The Ground Zero Movement

*As an independent business man most of my career history has been in the service of freelance work.

Summary of Qualifications:
• 2 years of Spanish language
• A strong communicator who is extremely proficient at networking
• Displays cross-cultural literacy
• Thorough knowledge of promotions specializing in “guerilla” marketing, radio campaigns, press releases and strategic alliances.
• Ability to communicate on various levels with advertisers, artist, corporate clients and media contacts.
• 10 years experience of event planning
• Experienced in strategic planning
• Well traveled
• 15 yr performing and recording artist
• Public Relations experience
• Fundraiser- Community activist

• Founded The Go-Getters Union
• Started “Global Soul” International Hip Hop and Soul community fundraiser events.
• Taught a 6 week long after school program for high school students focusing on self-worth and self-confidence through Hip Hop.
• 2004 Awarded West Word magazine’s “Best Hip Hop group”.
• 2006 feature in Billboard magazine as an up and coming entrepreneur, and artist.

• Solid negotiator with great follow up skills
• Excellent public speaker/speech writer.
• Strategic planning, project management.
• A knowledge of Computer Aided Design
• Can create professional presentations.
Graduate of Community College of Denver with AA in General Studies, and continuing education to obtain a Masters Degree in International Business (MIB)