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Carey Rupp

Freelance Fiction Writer & Song Writer

Location:Buffalo, New York, United States
Phone: 7164447955
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My name is Carey and I am 21 years old. I guess I'd be considered an amateur writer because I have no schooling experience. But I believe that college is not for everyone it gives my writing a more free outlook. I am a very creative person I'm very passionate about creativity, it's what makes a person an indivitual. I love to write songs the most because I love music and the words just flow like poetry straight from the heart in a song. I love writing in general, I'm just looking for someone to give my raw talent a chance, I would not disappoint I promise. I have a novel finished but just waiting for the opportunity to get it published.

Here are some songs I have written cos I can't upload them...
This one's called:
Trail of Tears
Verse: I dare you to use your heart
May hurt alittle but here we are
Face to face, waiting to make a move
It won't be me so it's up to you
We're only in it for the torture
Hearts will be cold like winter
Chorus: So I watch you break as I break
We proceed still in this heartache
You lead me into the storm
Screaming stop but I take more
I only feel you in the dark
Afraid to see what's destroying this heart
Verse: No words left to be said
We leave the other for dead
Hoping to find an easy escape
Fighting to get out for the other's sake
But we've dug ourselves too far in
Deeper than emotion, we're lost within
Bridge: We cry out from defeat
Still going as we get weak
A trail of tears were left behind
To leave some sort of sign
An existence of hope now dead
Memories that we try to forget
Chorus 2x's

This one's called:
The Perfect Beast
Verse: Unfaithful to my heart
I love like I love the dark
I felt frozen when I touched your soul
A false sense of warmth I feel but you're so cold
I've obtained a countless amount of scars
But I'm enthralled by the kind of monster you are
Chorus: You turned on me with a smile
But I chose to be here awhile
You lifted your veil to reveal
I touch what I can't feel
You're the perfect beast in disguise
Only perfect through my blinded eyes
Verse: Fell asleep in the arms of an enemy
I woke up alone feeling empty
Yet I return like a lovesick addict
If this were to end, it wouldn't be tragic
It'd be a relief, a release from your hold
The freedom of my soul that I once sold
Deceit how you love me
So cruel how you touch me...
Bridge: Your **** is silent
I felt nothing violent
But it left its mark
Burning me with what I thought was a spark
Chorus 2x's

I believe my lyrics speak for themselves. If you want to see more than contact me
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