Nicholas Scott

Freelance Creative Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Champaign, Illinois, United States
2 Skills
Nicholas Scott

Exceptional results from high school in creative writing and grammar
Young and into trends, always into the latest things hitting the media
Knowledgeable into various mainstream topics, anything from Sci-fi/Anime - Top 40 Music
Almost unlimited time

Personal Experience:
Various CP courses in high school
Personal writings, not a day goes by where I don't write something

Work History:

Juniata High School, Mifflin, PA - High School Diploma

About me:
I am a hard working writer with a lot of passion and skill. I can write and simple or as complex as needed. I can work with almost any deadline and many topics that you'll need. I'm competent with HTML and can do various work with websites and other internet media. My talents stretch from writing blogs and revies to poems and creative writing shorts. I can write adds, catchy lyrics for a jingle, or even a small script for a commercial.

Topics that I'm very passionate about include:
Latest media events including: Movies, music, video games, and books
Science and Technology, newest phones, breakthrough science and health
Gay Rights and Gay Rights Activists
Skills (2) Rating
Creative Writing
Poem Writing