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Freelance Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Seattle, Washington, United States
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Commission price sheet:

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Commission price works:
$15 - Lineless artwork
$30 - Inked + Shaded Digital Work
$20/page - penciled / to color inked page
$30/page - Pencils + Inked
$50/page - + colored + lettered

Cartoon, Comic, and background artist.

**Experience in Photoshop, Gimp, Adobe, and InDesign.
**Experience in making comics and backgrounds.
**Good with deadlines.
**Very flexible.
**Good with directions and details.
**Gets artwork done quickly and efficiently.


* Art Classes
2009 - 2011
Took art classes, taught me flexibility in my art and working with deadlines for large projects.

* Journalism Classes
2010 - 2011
Provide artwork for the school paper on a regular basis, learned to work well with deadlines and other people.

*Art Club
2009 - 2011
Attended the art club at my high school.

* Webcomic Experience
2010 – Present
Sketch, ink, color, letter, and do backgrounds for a webcomic that posts on a weekly basis.

2011 - Present
Designed characters and create comic pages (from sketched to finished work) for a webcomic: Lessons With Kyo.
Writer: Charlie Moreau

* Character Concept Work
Provided concept art of characters for an upcoming project from Creators Edge Press, a comic book company.

2011 - Present
Create characters and design clothing for them for an upcoming website project. Project Titled: Cool Kids Characters

~~*Community Service*~~
Assisted local art teacher with an art show, transporting, placing, displaying, and returning the art properly.
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Digital Art