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Location:Kroonstad, Free State, South Africa
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First and foremost I am an "Author", but I also have the experience of live performance of poetry and acting.

I begun writing at the young age of 13. At first only wrote poetry (poems that come from a young mind which new little of the art), then as I grew and learned to love novels, I developed the skill and passion to write short stories and long narratives (novels/novellas). Although this part of my skills grew, poetry was (and still is) a formidable part of my work. I have compiled poems and so far, I am content.
I the past, not too far back, two of my poem where finalist in the SABC 2 Lentswe Poetry Project Women's and Aids Day. I eventually won the Women's Day category and came up second in the Aids day category. My Poem The Praise To African Women won the Women's Day category nationally, later in the same year I wasn't on T.V on the video for it.

I have in recent times joined local arts groups in order to grow and develop news skill. Acting is a new to domain, but which I am gradually improving.

It is only recent that I chosen to go by the name "The Pagelord", But I think it is rather fitting of the kind of stories I write in general.

"I, the Pagelord am a creator, of sorts. I create worlds unimagined to man. I am neither a sorcerer nor a god. Some of these worlds I create are already in existence, I merely give them life, meaning, creating balance between good and evil, and most importantly, I give them stories. I shape their events and their people. None are different, yet all are unique."

Before I commence in the writing on any story, these are the first words you shall read. I draw my powers from the pages which bind the minds of many with adventures of any sort. Others rule money & fame, I master the world of words,The Page.
I come from a land in the Southern tip of Africa. A country of so many colours, that even us, the people, cannot comprehend the extent it reached, for in every day there is a new surprise for us. A surprise that always reminds us that we can never, no matter how much we try, put into words what this country is transforming into.
I created a blog The Pagelord's Monster as more of an outlets for my creative powers than actually trying to built a fan base.

I enjoy writing and I hope those who find my work will enjoy reading it.
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