Anthony Bernardelli

Freelance Creative Writer & Public Relation Freelancer

Location:New Braunfels, Texas, United States
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Today's economy leaves many writers and designers in the dark. Most jobs are taken already; internships are nearly impossible to find with how quickly they are filled. This is the same situation I face today being a four-year college graduate with a Journalism degree in Public Relations/Advertising, excellent creative writing skills, a talent for public speaking, and little money to invest in starting my own business. I wasn't born an engineer or a doctor. I was never a skilled athlete; I cannot find the innate talent for technology my friends seemed to discover. What I CAN do is make people feel things. That sounds ridiculous but you have experienced this phenomenon. It could be that feeling you have walking out of a movie theater, remembering how the hero sacrificed everything to prevail. It's the surge of confidence in your bloodstream listening to a powerful speech. It's the excitement that charges through your body like a thousand volts at seeing your favorite fighter or sports team win against improbable odds.
I want to make people feel these things. Through promotions, advertising, writing, film, or speechmaking, my goal in life is simple: to make people remember my message. My creed is that the book of your life could be the only one that somebody ever reads; the movie you make could be the first someone ever sees. Make every undertaking the most powerful you can because it could potentially change someone's life.
I hope you feel the same way.