Lauren Nehlsen

Freelance Drawer & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Costa Mesa, California, United States
Phone: 6266026802
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I am a very open minded, easy going, sociable individual and I feel that can relate or atleast get along with and/or attract all different types of individuals. I have been drawing since I can hold a pencil in my hand and it is one of the things that makes me who I am. Music, Art, 1love is what I feel and what is combined inside of my soul. I have tried to expand my abilities and attempt all if not, many different mediums in the art industry because for one things, I would get really bored with just doing the same thing, everyday, over and over again. I like diversity, spontaneity, creativity, seeing the unseen, and being myself. I am a licensed tattoo artist, licensed bartender, and an all around artist with an anxious diversity of skills. I guess you can call me a jack of all trades. I live my life independently and have always tried and I have always had the firm belief in being able to be yourself, be happy, and make a living while doing whatever it is you love to do.
If any specifics are desired, I am happy to answer any questions before-hand.

I would like to obtain a position that utilizes and further develops each of my skills and will allow me to work my way up into a position of more responsibility
South Hills High School
2005 High School Diploma
• GED, Sports
PK Schrieffer LLP | 100 N Barranca Ste 1100 WestCovina, CA 91791
Accounting clerk, file clerk, admin assistant 01/15/2004 – 05/01/2010
Transcribing, filing, taking inventory, office errunds, Data Entry, Drop filing,
InkFx | Ontario, CA
Ink Mixer, warehouse worker, screen printer 05/10/2005 – 08/15/2006
Mixing Inks, Taking inventory, loading and unloading vans, Packing, shipping and receiving, design templates, printed shirts, hats, etc., cleaned station after use, assisted other workers as a managing position

• I am skilled in design, diverse art mediums, printing, building, general labor, always athletic while growing up, great learning skills, dedication, paying attention to detail
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T-Shirt Design