Joe Ryan III

Freelance Song Writer & Music Producer

Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
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"J RillA", Born Joe Ryan III and raised in Flint, Michigan, began to reveal his musical talent in 1994 at age 8. By playing the organ, drums and piano at his family-owned church, fate was set into motion that music would be his calling. "At that age I really didn't assume that music would be my career, but my mother always told me that God told her that I was destined for greatness, so I knew that my career would be special", said J RillA in a past interview. Jump starting his music career by winning a rap competition as a 5th grader, at Atwood Stadium in Flint, J RillA found comfort in strategically putting words together. Upon moving to the Metro-Detroit Suburbs, he began diving deeper into the music world by partnering with other local aspiring rappers to record and sell compilation albums. That hustle and determination of pursuing success through music presented J RillA's first major opportunity as a 11th grader when he opened for the Sony BMG duet "Aja" for his high-school concert.

In 2003 he was selected as a team member of the Junior National Olympic All-State/All-American Basketball team to represent Michigan, which would earn him recognition to earn a spot on the NCAA Division II, Tiffin University Men's Basketball team in 2004. Before arriving to college J RillA was introduced to the music production program "Fruity Loops" by a local friend, which began a daily beat-making quest. In August of 2004, his passion for music production had grown immensely and began to interfere with his basketball practices as he states "I would skip or arrive late to practice because I was always trying to find ways to improve my music to sound more professional." Subsequently, that passion would lead to him dropping out of college after the first semester. "I felt like I was only continuing to play basketball because I didn't want to upset those who had supported me for so long; and even though I didn't want to play anymore, it was hard to part ways with because I had been doing it for so long, but I had to come to the realization that this is my life and at the end of the day I have to live it and be satisfied with it" said J RillA.

After leaving college, he formed "BedRoc Records" and "BedRoc Productions" in honor of his hometown. Life after college would bring about multiple crisis for J RillA, which ultimately led to his homelessness for months after moving to Wisconsin in 2008. Things began to turn around when J RillA won the 6 week "2009 Kiss Icon Contest" on Milwaukee's 103.7FM, which is Milwaukee's largest Top 40 station. The winnings included daily airplay of the song "She's So Fly" and a performance July 4th at the worlds largest music festival "SummerFest". The success of the contest led to multiple newspaper articles, including one Front Page article in the "Sheboygan Press", airplay from other Wisconsin radio stations, overseas radio airplay, radio show co-hostings, and the attention of many community organizations because of his cleaver way of making great records without using swearing, degradation of women, drugs or violence.

In 2010, J RillA began composing for DuBose Entertainment via connecting with hip-hop Legend MC Lyte. His first project would be Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist Trey Songz' Reality Show titled "Trey Songz: My Moment". After placing a solid amound of cues on the show, he decided to take the initiative to fly out to Hollywood, CA, which would be a career changing experience. MC Lyte thought it would be a great idea to also bring his equipment to Hollywood. Arriving with his Fantom-G, iMac, and Mbox, he scored an entire episode of Toya's (of Tiny & Toya) Reality show. Pleased with his work, MC Lyte and CEO James DuBose asked him to stay longer and he earned the opportunity of scoring the entire season, which currently airs on B.E.T. every tuesday 10/9c. A month later, J RillA earned the honor of being the first to sign with DuBose Entertainment for career management. Directly managed by MC Lyte, the grind has been set into motion to attain a lasting imprint in the music industry via production and artistry. Find out more about this rising Super-Producer/Artist at
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