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Dan Toth

Freelance Graphic Designer & Logo Designer

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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When I got a taste of graphic design, I knew that it was what I was meant to do for a career. The certainty I felt was fuel for my fire.

To me; graphic design is my freedom, It allows me to drift off into a creative universe and get lost for hours. It’s a space where I can truly forget about the world and focus on what I like to do! Design.

Listening to rock and roll music is my inspiration, provoking a flood of ideas and thoughts.
Design has always been about creating for the better, making the world a more functional place, using aesthetic values and accessing peoples minds through positive messages. Making a difference in the world; I believe, is tattooed into every designers mentality.

I thrive for peoples reactions. I like knowing that what I have designed can effect people in some way, and reading peoples expressions is kind of like a silent critique. As a designer we think differently from anybody else in the universe. We are taught to visualize and conceptualise ideas or issues and translate them to be understood simply and universally: Creating simplicity in a world of complicated chaos.

I enjoy trying out new techniques and medias, it teaches me new skills which I then can apply to other jobs or briefs; but more importantly it helps mold me into becoming an all rounded designer.

When it comes to life I’m definitely a self expressionist. It’s my mentality. It’s what I grew up believing and trusting. Being my own person, being an individual. I’ve recently graduated from Auckland Unitec, majoring in graphic design. As a student of life, I have grown throughout my study, not just academically but also in self discipline.

I take what I’ve learnt in life and apply it to everyday experiences. I use full dedication in subjects of interest, and take a professional manner towards any job title. Every working opportunity is a learning opportunity. I like challenges in life, as the only way to advance your knowledge, hopes and dreams is to excel past what you think is possible.
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