Joi Williamson

Freelance Song Writer & Jingle Writer

Location:Columbia, South Carolina, United States
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Hello my name is Joi Williamson. I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. Growing up in a house hold with out my father, my grandmother made sure that i did not become a victim of the streets. I started going to church a young age and thats when my dream started a long time ago! I was 2 years old on a local Church youth choir! Singing and Leading songs then at the age 8 I entered a school talent show and won! Listening to my favorite Artist Boyz 2 Men they lead me to start writing all types of songs and poems at age 12.
Still in the church I formed a group Called Harmony of Praise. Where we preformed at several Local churches and talent shows winning Trophies that are at the church. Later the group fell apart because everyone had there own direction in life and I Became a solo Artist in 1999. All my music is written by me.
In 2008 I begain to do several collaborations with a varity of Artist; Big Rome From Big Rome ENT. GSC, Stak G., N-Tro, Taz-Z-Fresh, Zo, Dexel, Nic Caz, BIG B TOP Beats, The General the Jamaican Boy Big Boyz Music,and Many more.
Also in 2008 I drop my first Album call Jcdubble Unique which was on sale at Itunes and Amazon.I also drop a mix-tape in 2008 called Go Get It which is in Heavy Rotation in the ABC Community and many more in Columbia. At the end of 2008 and 2009 i begin getting Airplay on several Internet and International Radio Stations. Now for the year of 2010 I am Currently writing new songs for Indie Artist who need them!
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