Sylwia Syposz

Freelance Legal Translator & Medical Translator

Location:Swietokrzyskie, Poland
2 Skills
PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: English-Polish translator and interpreter
EDUCATION: 10.2010 – 06.2011 The Translation Studies Centre (intensive trainings in simultaneous, consecutive translation and written translation in the scope of politics, law, medicine, technology, finances, etc.)
2006 - 2009 Silesian University Faculty of English Philology
2002 - 2005 Private Teaching College in Kielce
1998 - 2002 VI Comprehensive Secondary School Juliusz Slowacki in Kielce

EXPERIENCE: 2010 - till now – translation for Organizations and Foundations
2009 - till now – technical- legal translation for "KAMI” Service Technical Enterprise Ltd.
2009 - till now – scientific- business translation for "Best 4 You" educational translation institution
06.10.2008 till now - teacher in British School
25.07 - 03.08.2008 – a week's stay in London with young people

SKILLS: fluency in English, a good command of Spanish, translation experience in legal, scientific, medical, technical texts, computer literate, the Internet

INTERESTS: constant broadening of knowledge and skills in translation and interpretation as well as improving qualifications as translator and interpreter; cinema, music and travelling