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Skilled Small Business Advisor, Franchise & Tax Specialist with diversified experience in handling broad range of business transactions for small and medium size enterprises. Demonstrated expertise in existing corporate businesses, and start-ups relating to growth strategies, structuring, deliberation and handling acquisitions, negotiations, contract reviews, franchise matters and tax aspects. Acted as resource for small businesses to seek small business loans, to acquire, reorganize, equipment asset purchase, and documentation including contract negotiations.


• Over 9+ years experience in handling matters related to small and medium size businesses.
• Strong analytical, research, deliberation, and business evaluation skills.
• Strong business acumen, industry knowledge and back ground.
• Sound team leading skills and ability to work with co-members.


Small Business Advisor, Franchise & Tax Consultant June 2011 - Present
SnCo Business Consulting
• Strategic consulting in business development to achieve sustainability & profitability.
• Assist in organizing and developing franchise network, negotiations, and documentations.
• Provide assistance, documentation and negotiations in acquiring franchises.
• Provide training and coaching as to, how to be adopt successful strategies as entrepreneur.
• Advisory and documentation relating to distributorships, agencies, joint ventures, and acquisitions.
• Undertake registration of corporations, partnerships & registration of master business licenses.
• Drafting of Business Plans, Operational and Marketing Plans, HR Policies & Operating Procedures.
• Assistance in obtaining small business loans (SBLs’), line of credit, trade finances and leases
• Tax and HST registrations, Payroll preparations, HST/GST and Payroll filings.
• Tax planning and tax return preparation services.
• Provide solution to debt consolidations, collections and debt restructuring.

Franchise Consultant May 2011 - Present
Galito's No.1 Flame Grilled Chicken, Canada.
• Franchise Consulting to establish franchise business network development around Canada.
• Franchise documentations, application processing, interviews, evaluations, screening and selection of prospective sub-franchisees, negotiating contracts and contract management.
• Develop, and manage integrated procedures, and processes to gain efficiency.
• Business related and HR documentations.

Corporate Business & Tax Consultant Jan’2011 – Present
Maple MaxPro Consulting Inc. – SME Advisors & Specialists.
• Assistance in debt consolidations and collections.
• Oversee small business accounting and payroll services.

Corporate & Tax Counsel 2003 - 2010
S&CO. Corporate Law & Tax Consultants
• Provided corporate business & tax advisory in regard to corporate growth strategies under unit and or enterprise concepts, holding company, subsidiary and group concepts.
• Evaluated, updated corporate & tax laws for companies, firms and individuals.
• Assisted clients to optimize and or reorganize business structures best suitable in circumstances.
• Maintained corporate & tax record and kept up-to-date corporate, business & tax filing deadlines
• Negotiated, drafted documents and assisted clients in wide range of transactions including franchising, distributorships, agencies, joint ventures, acquisitions, strategic alliances, spin-offs, assets-stripping, licensing, financing, real estates, purchase/ supply, outsourcing and manufacturing
• Provided training/coaching to educate clients as to how to do successful business and expand.
• Undertaken alternate dispute resolution (ADR) matters including arbitration & mediation.
• Corporate litigation at appellate tribunals, including departmental proceedings, banking courts, tribunals and high court level, in matters related to corporate non-compliances, tax review applications & appeals, mergers, shareholders` disputes, recovery of funds, contract performance
• Evaluated, deliberated, corporate business and credit risk assessment on diversified and complicated business transactions taking into account business and tax laws.
• Assisted in preparing business plans, trade and export financing, conventional and other mode of financing discounting, factoring, and leasing, represented clients before financial institutions.

Business Solutions & Tax Consultant 2002 - 2003
Capital Consulting Illinois. USA. Business Solutions & Advisors
• Researched transnational trade of standardized products in developing economies.
• Analyzed enabling corporate, business, tax and investment laws in foreign jurisdictions, drafted proposals and recommendations best suitable to clients.
• Negotiated contracts relating to international trade, acquisitions, agencies, and distributorships.


Masters of Law (Transnational Business Practice).
McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, CA. USA

Bachelor of Law. S.M. Law College, Faculty of Law, KU

Master in Business Administration (International Marketing).
The International University, MI. USA

Bachelor of Commerce. Saint Patricks` College, KU


• Business Development Program. GBC –NCPeel.
• Basic Tax Preparation Course - Liberty Tax Canada.
• CRA Basic Tax Course & CRA seminars relating to taxes & small businesses.
• Mortgage Agent License Course – CAAMPS, Ontario, Canada.
• Banking & Finance (Diploma) - Modern Institute of Informatics & Management (MIM).
• Leasing Conference & Workshop – Leasing Association.
• Managing and Sustaining SMEs’ - British Council.
• Legal Aspects of Trade Liberalization & Regional Economic Integration – IDLI, Rome, Italy.


• Corporate Compliances Circular & Checklist for 2010.
• Tax Compliances Circular & Checklist for 2010.
• Compliances Circular, Checklist & Commentary on amendments in Corporate Laws for 2009.
• Commentary Circular involving amendments in Labor Laws for 2009.
• Corporate & Tax Compliances Circular & Checklist for 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 & for 2004.
• Research Thesis: Analysis of Foreign Investment Laws & Business Climate in Pakistan, in the context of India and Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, 2001.
• Published Articles: What needs to be Regulated in the Developing Countries; Character Building - Guarantee Towards Economic Growth; Benefits of Privatization; The Secret of Joining Leading Nations in the New Millennium; The Joint Venture has Begun in Europe with the Advent of Euro; Transparency & Good Governance Globalization: Way Towards Global Village; 1997 Asian Crises.