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Cassie Shawver

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Animal Illustrator

Location:Columbus, Ohio, United States
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More often than not, it's a walk through the woods that sparks the moment of inspiration for Cassie Shawver's personal work. She harbors a deep appreciation of nature in all its forms, and as an artist she tries to share that sense of wonder with the viewer. She enjoys pulling stories out of her surroundings--finding parallels of the human condition through personification of natural forces, with the connection between the two often spiritual. Her work is heavily influenced by folk lore from many cultures around the world and how they view their environment. In her more recent work, she also draws from a love of antique field guides, presenting information on both the scientific and spiritual aspects of her subject through hand-drawn type.

Cassie's favorite medium, by far, is watercolor with pen and ink, but thanks to an education from the Columus College of Art and Design, she is capable and confident working in nearly all media. She currently enjoys working as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist, but she longs to one day be to be a full-time children's illustrator who also happens to run a farm on the side.