Anne le Roux

Freelance Ad Designer & Photographer

Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
2 Skills
Tertiary 1989 (Degree completed)
BA (Communication) Rand Afrikaanse University
Subjects: Communications I, II, III
Industrial Psychology I, II, III
Journalism; Advertising; English I; Sociology I;
Communications Law & Statistical Methods A

Secondary 1979
Matriculated Sukses Correspondence College
Subjects: Afrikaans 1st Language HG
English 2nd Language HG
Accounting HG
Typing (Distinction)

Computer Skills: MSOffice; - Word, Excel, Power Point, CorelDraw X5, Photoshop CS5, Pastel Express Accounting 8.1.5, Pastel Payroll, VIP Payroll Package Phase I & II; Cherney Allison Payroll Package - Computerised (now Contractors 2000 – Civil Construction), Patterson Job Evaluation System
Other Skills: Dictaphone typing, Internet


Company : EMERGING SIGNALS, a division of ANSYS Ltd
Mrs Elsabe van der Westhuizen Group Human Resources Manager,
ANSYS Limited, (012) 346-3141, 079 5221 034
Period : 10 August 2008 – 28 February 2009
Position : Bookkeeper
Duties : Accounting / Administration
Pastel Accounting: Creditors & Debtors: Posting of invoicing. Balancing of Creditors’ and Debtors’ Accounts. Posting from Bank to relevant Creditors/Debtors and Ledger Accounts from Bank Statements, reconciliation of Bank Account. Preparing VAT figures for Head Office. Assisted with VIP Payroll with the payment of all fortnightly workforce totaling 38. Month end PAYE, SDL and UIF reports and reconciliations. Started with assistance from Financial Manager to learn how to do a Fixed Asset Register and to do monthly depreciation. Leave Provision Schedules on a monthly basis. All general administrative duties in office.
Salary: R18, 000 pm CTC
Reason for Leaving: Retrenchment – position incorporated into administration of Head Office in Pretoria.

Mr Neels Beyer – Managing Director
(Ref Catheleen Beyer @ 082 597-8558)
Period : 12 July 2006 – 15 August 2008
Position : Administration / Accounting Officer
Duties : Office Manager : Accounting / Administration
Overseeing and Posting of : Pastel Accounting: Creditors & Debtors: Ordering items; invoicing with connection to order. Balancing of Creditors’ Accounts. Posting from Bank Statements, reconciliation of Bank Statements. VAT figures for auditors to pay via efiling. Pastel Payroll : Paying wages on a fortnightly basis of a workforce totaling 50. Month end PAYE, SDL and UIF reports to auditors. All general administrative duties in office in terms of different companies under umbrella of one holding company. Overseeing of 2 junior staff.
Salary: R9,000 pm CTC
Reason for leaving : Financial

Company : Kormorant Newspaper – Hartbeespoort
Mr Deon van Huizen – Editor @ 082 558-4316
Period : October 1999 to December 2001; Jan 2003 to June 2005
Position : April to June ‘05 Wed – Fri,
Duties : Assisted with Administration, Petty Cash, Invoicing, Statements.
Position : Graphic Designer / Journalist (Contract worker – 2 days per week)
: April to June ‘05 Wed – Fri, assisted with Administration, Petty Cash,
Duties : Design all adverts in colour, black and white for main part of Newspaper as well as for Snuffels Section (Classifieds); Scanning; Colour separations; Place and layout adverts; Investigative Journalism – portraits of people; Photographing and reporting of environment / community activities; put newspaper to bed. Knowledge of whole printing set up. Freelance: Designing Posters, Business Cards, Brochures, Wedding Cards, and every possible thing you can think of that can be designed.
Reason for leaving : Financial

Company : Hartbeespoort News (Caxton Group)
Period : November 1998 to September 1999
Position : Graphic Designer / Journalist (Contract worker)
Duties : Design all adverts in colour, black and white; Colour separations; Place and layout adverts; Put newspaper to bed. Knowledge of whole printing set up.
Reason for leaving : Contract expired – closed newspaper in December 1999

Company : Rooth & Wessels: Dr D H Botha – Attorney (no contact #)
Period : January 1995 to August 1998
Position : Secretary / PA / Paralegal to Senior Partner
Duties : Type correspondence, letters and memos; Answer telephone and take messages; Evaluate, respond to correspondence and keep filing system up to date; Research cases in assistance to attorney i.e. Louis Luyt vs the Hon past President Nelson Mandela ‘Madiba’, etc; Handle all fees due to attorney and always reached the monthly set targets Debtors on a 60 days Outstanding Fees less than R3,000.
Reason for leaving : Moving to Hartbeespoort

Company : Amalgamated Bakery & Catering Products sold to Sasko
Mr W S Thompson (Overseas – no contact #)
Period : December 1983 to January 1988
Position : Personal Assistant to MD & Human Resources Manager
Duties : All secretarial duties pertaining to position i.e. typing, filing, taking messages, travel arrangements; Liaise with customers; Assisted in exhibition of Company’s products – creating visual components, information brochure, and overseeing overall display at stand; create and evaluate new systems for starting a new company.
Human Resources Function: Register company with all relevant Government Departments such as Manpower, Receiver of Revenue and Labour; Handle all claims in terms of IOD with Department of Manpower and providing all Government statistical requirements to necessary Government Departments; Recruit unskilled labour for production (staff complement of 12); Evaluation (done on a small scale) to identify potential, skills, leadership and memory; Assist labour with any socio-economical problems; Manual wages and salaries systems, with normal payouts for PAYE, Recons in terms of IRP 5's, UIF and Medical Aid contributions. Co-ordinate and maintain leave available and do enquiries in terms of excessive absenteeism.
Reason for leaving : Loved my work but I had this burning ambition to study full time. After receiving my degree, I worked for McCann Advertising Agency – Rivonia, from February 1990 to November 1990 (6 months) as a Media Planner. My duties were to design a course of action that shows how advertising time and space will be used to contribute to the achievement of marketing objectives taking the following in consideration: Budget, opposition’s actions, target market, decide what media to use and to support choice with statistical and qualitative rationale and to indicate what levels of effectiveness are expected. Resigned to get married and to move to Pretoria. Temporary Secretarial positions until January 1995
Skills (2) Rating
Ad Design