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Jessica Pueltz

Freelance Architectural Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Phone: 0422477929
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Career Objectives
Through previous experiences I have discovered that my life’s ambition is to design and create. I thrive on generating something from nothing and therefore I know that I am suited to the role of 3D Illustration, Architecture and Graphic Design. I believe the skills I have acquired through schooling and appropriate courses have provided me with relevant information in order to prepare me for professional design and development work. I am a dedicated, devoted and self-disciplined person who strives to embark on new tasks and responsibilities regardless of how challenging they may be. I aspire to become a modern, unique architect or graphic designer.

With over 4 year’s casual experience in the workforce I pride myself particularly on my attention to detail. I am proficient with computer skills using Mac, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. I have experience in Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Google Sketch-Up, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Revit Architecture and 3Ds MAX.

As a year 12 student I attended Calvary Christian College. The subjects I studied are as follows:
• Graphic Design - High
• Art - High
• Accounting - Sound
• Mathematics A - High
• Main Stream English - High
• Christian Education
• Year 4, Service Assistant

I have also completed a ‘Certificate III in multimedia’ in 2007 and a ‘Diploma of Building Design and Technology’ at ‘Southbank Institute of Technology’ in December 2010.

In February 2011, I commenced the Vocational Graduate Certificate at ‘Southbank Institute of Technology’ the first semester included advanced features.

Certificate III in multimedia
• Create Web Pages
• 2D Digital Animation
• Apply principles of Visual Design
• Video Camera Skills and Perspective Views
• Create, Manipulate and Incorporate 2D Graphics
• Experimentation techniques for Digital Imaging Enhancement and Manipulation

Diploma of Building Design and Technology
• Apply principles of Visual Design
• Digitally animate an architectural 3D model
• Digitally render 3D model to photo-realistic quality
• Develop an interactive CD-ROM to display a folio of work
• Create digital 3D models of architectural/interior environments
• Produce residential and commercial construction working drawings
• Create complex presentation views of architectural and interior designs

Vocational Graduate Certificate
• 3D Modeling – Revit
Produce and manage a digital 3D model in an architectural context
• 3D Rendering - 3Ds MAX
Produce photo-realistic digital images from an architectural 3D model

Diploma of Building Design and Technology December 2010
CCC - Tertiary Entrance Statement Overall Position (OP) 12 2008
CCC - Gold Award 15th December 2008
CCC - Visual Arts Award 17th November 2008
Certificate III Multi-media 26th November 2007

Related Work Experience

JP Designs - Start date: July 2011
End date: Current
Position/title: 3D Digital Illustrator

I am currently a 3D Digital Illustrator sub-contracting to a few companies.
My involvement includes:
• Reading and interpreting CAD floor plans and elevations
• Generating 3D models using Revit Architecture 2011
• Exporting 3D completed models into 3Ds MAX 2011 with .FBX file format
• Importing .FBX 3D model into 3Ds MAX 2011 and applying rendering materials to objects
• Exporting rendered 3D presentation views and model to companies’ desired format

My Hobbies include:
Diverse elements of design, Generating 3D Objects using computer programs, Fashion, Dancing including hip hop, Arts and Craft, Drawing, Acrobatics, Children, Religion, Socializing, Beauty therapy, Photography etc…


Name: Paul Hicks
Title: Building Design Program Coordinator
Company: Southbank Institute of Technology
Phone: 3244 6418
Type: Professional

Name: Mike Gibson
Title: Architectural & CAD Studies Lecturer
Company: Southbank Institute of Technology
Phone: 3244 6463
Type: Professional