Elizabeth Lewis

Freelance Editor & Copywriter

Location:Richford, Vermont, United States
2 Skills

Seasoned copy editor and proofreader of trade books, textbooks, brochures, governmental websites, educational newsletters and video scripts.


Communication skills
• Developed and edited books according to specifications of mission, time and cost.
• Copy edited, proofread and revised books; directed changes to approach, content and style.
• Translated and revised texts such as letters, reports, technical documents and publicity.
• Collaborated with consultants, writers and clients in the preparation of books, articles and bulletins.
• Interviewed writers and researchers (interviews used as the basis for articles on the web and in print); also recorded interviews for radio.
• Planned, organized and evaluated staff participation.
• Established long-range schedules for projects; delegated tasks and responsibilities.
• Wrote, edited and produced newsletters and bulletins for high-profile clients such as a national publishing association and a university research department.
• Developed pedagogical material for high school and adult student ESL classes.
• Edited, revised and adapted high school and college textbooks (science, geography and psychology)

Teaching skills
• Taught full English language course load at university level; developed appropriate curriculum; obtained teaching materials; prepared students for international tests (TOEFL, IELTS) – China
• Taught English to French-speaking professionals from health and social sector – Québec
• Taught English to international students and Buddhist monks – Thailand, Laos

Work history

English language lecturer 2013 – 2015
Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Editor, writer, translator, chargée de projet (selected clients) 2002 – today
Pearson Canada, educational publisher
Discovery Education, educational publisher
Movato, decor and design magazine
Kokun, decor and design shop
Lion Films, film production company
Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier, performance art centre
Éditions du Renouveau Pédagogique Inc. (ERPI), educational publisher
Chenelière Éducation Inc., educational publisher
Les Éditions CEC, educational publisher
Concordia University
Université de Montréal
McGill University
Vigilance Santé, computer tools and database company
Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
Canada Research Chairs
Canadian Geographic Magazine
Trafalgar School for Girls

ESL teacher
Champlain College 2006
Loisirs et services communautaires de Lac-Brome 2005

Senior book editor (96–02) 1985 – 2002
Editor (87–89, 94-96),
Research editor (85–87)
St-Remy Press


University of Cambridge, CELTA certificate
McGill University, science and medicine studies
Bryn Mawr College, liberal arts degree

Key: ce=copy editor, e=editor, cp=chargée de projet, pe=project editor, pr=proofreader, se=senior editor, w=writer, conte=contributing editor, re=research editor

Children and Their Development, Pearson Canada, 2014 (ce)
Authentic Real English Learning 3, ESL – high school, Chenelière Education, 2010 (cp)
Observatory, Science and Technology – high school, ERPI, 2008–09 (pe)
Prime Time, ESL – high school, Les Editions CEC, 2007–08 (cp)

Understanding Early Civilizations: A Comparative Study, Cambridge University Press, 2003 (pr)
Weber’s Big Book of Grilling, Chronicle Books, 2001 (pe)
Mammals (2000), Insects & Spiders (2000), Weather (1999), Rocks & Minerals (1999), science nature guides, Discovery Channel, Random House (se)
Explore America (1996–1999), 17-volume travel series, Reader’s Digest (e)
W W II : Time Life Books History of the Second World War, Time Life Books (1989), (conted)
Fix-It-Yourself series, (1985–1989), Time Life Books (e, re)

Bulletins & Newsletters & Websites
Bulletin, Office of Research Opportunities, McGill University (now defunct), 2010–2012 (pe, w),
Canada Research Chairs, chairholders’ profiles, 2003–2006 (w, e)
Newsletter, Export of Canadian Books (now Livres Canada Books), 1989–1990 (w, e),
Social Science and Humanities Research Council, website, 2003 (e)
Medical leaflets, Vigilance Santé, 2003–2006 (w, e)
Newsletter, Trafalgar School for Girls, 2002–2004 (pe, w),
Brochure, International Book Bank, (now Code), 1991 (w, designer)

Articles (byline: Beth Lewis) & Chapters (byline: Elizabeth Lewis)
Light Touch: Artist John Ballantyne captures the subtlety and temporary nature of light on surfaces, Montreal Home magazine, 2012
Making waves with water: Artist Joseph Sampson is impassioned by the liquid element,
Toronto Home magazine, 2012
Love it or leave it? Apr 3, Concordia University, Now Magazine, 2012
Survivors of violence benefit from mentoring Feb 1, Concordia University, Now Magazine, 2012
Mile End chic under study, Oct 11, Concordia University, Now Magazine, 2012
Can blaming others make people sick? Aug 9, Concordia University, Now Magazine, 2012
Sympathy for the devil? May 30, Concordia University, Now Magazine, 2012
The French and Indian War, published in Forts and Battlefields, Reader’s Digest, 1997
Mark Twain’s House, published in Great American Homes, Reader’s Digest, 1997
Shelburne Museum, published in American Treasures, Reader’s Digest, 1997

Unpublished / inaccessible
Communication en anglais, Office Communication, Chenelière Education, 2011 (e)
Canada Ecotours, highway travel guides, Canadian Geographic, 2003–06 (se)
On the Go, activity guides, St. Remy Media, 2001–2002 (se)
The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Childcare, William Morrow & Co., 1995 (w)

References available on request
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