Daniel Amber

Freelance Editor & Video Producer

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: 0764558705
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To view some of my work please go to www.vimeo.com/danielamber

I am an incredibly passionate editor and have worked on many different projects from corporate films to music videos to entertainment stories and everything in between. While my passion lies in editing I have a firm knowledge of motion graphics and constantly integrate video with motion graphics.

I have worked on and can use a whol variety of editing software but my preference is with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. I also know how to use After Effects.

I have my own editing suite which has the Adobe CS5 suite and Final Cut Pro.

Contract Work:

•Worked a six month contract as an editor and camera man for Zoopy.com. My roles included filming and editing current events, such as The Joburg Experience and Mika Stefanoi’s Birthday party into 90 second videos.
Day to day I edited international stories with footage from sources such as Reuters and Splash on Adobe Premiere and added straps and transitions using After Effects.
I also edited local stories which were filmed on a Sony EX. I cut these using Final Cut Pro, then brought them into Adobe Premiere and After Effects for straps and transitions.

Part-time work:

•Edited a soccer showreel for Andrew Dreyer
•Edited a soccer showreel for Joseph Yamb Ndjip
•Edited a skating video for Siya Ntuli
•Edited a basketball audition video for Cale Schaffner
•Edited a Vodacom Guerrilla advertisement
•Edited and co-directed a music video for The Stellas

•Edited and graded the music video for Nigerian artist 2-Fly.
•Did the rough edit for an MK Woordfrees Promo.
•Assisted on the shoot of a corporate video for a SEDA conference, including setting up lights and camera equipment.
•Edited a two part corporate video for Herbalife.
•Subtitled for 12 segments of All Access for Mango Airlines.
•Subtitled 4 segments of Business Spotlight for Mango Airlines.
•Subtitled 3 segments of Media and Money for Mango Airlines.
•Edited the “Democratic Demons” music video for Caution with the Devil.

•Acted as an extra in a Heinz Sensations television commercial.
•Edited a three minute short film called “Flowers” by Dene Steyn which won first prize in a contest created by Chris Van Latum.
•Assisted on a music video shoot done by Mustard Productions for the band, Kaya. My role included playback and setting up tracks and reflector boards.
•Assisted on the music video shoot for “Digital Heart” by Cutout Collective. My role included helping set up the set and playback.
•Edited a three minute clip for Jobusy.com, a site that promotes Johannesburg as a tourist destination. (available on www.jobusy.com Clip name “little Addis”)

•Shot and edited the making of Cutout Collective’s music video “8-Bit Logic”.
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Video Production