Bronwen Thomas

Freelance Graphic Designer & Comic Artist

Location:United Kingdom
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Hello, My name is Bronwen Thomas,
I am a 16 year old girl currently very enthusiastic about finding some form of job that has something to do with what i love to do. I love to Design, in any shape or form, from Character design to Game Design, and from Fashion Design to Graphic Design.
I realize that due to my age and lack of valid experience that i may not be chosen for anything, but there is no harm in trying now, is there?
I have had work experience with the Graphic Department in Pembrokeshire National Coast Park and i have taken a GCSE course in Graphic Design and i am currently waiting to go back to do an A / AS level in the same subject, including the same situation with an Art Course, i did the schools Art course for GCSE qualifications and i am now awaiting the chance to do the same for an A /AS level qualification.
I am a very Friendly girl, a little bit... Quirky and different, but that makes me who i am. I thoroughly enjoy a challenge and i put 110% of effort into everything i do.
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Graphic Design
Comic Art