Riaz Ismail

Freelance Editor & Blog Writer

Location:Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Website: http://mykeystrokestohappiness.blogspot.com
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I have completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree with three majors (English, Communication Studies and Writing for Performance). I have also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education majoring in English (Grade 10 – Grade 12) and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education - Honours Degree specializing in Computer-Integrated Education.

I am currently teaching English to Grade 4 - 7 at an International School while studying part-time and writing my novel in between. I have been writing for many years but only recently started to call myself a writer because I realized that when my fingers touch the keyboard I can be anyone, at anytime, at anyplace and I feel that I can best express my feelings and emotions through the usage of words.

If I were asked to describe the person I am today, I would describe myself as a work in progress, not because I don't know who I am but because even though I have accomplished so much having lived such a difficult life, I know that I am capable and destined to shine more brighter and succeed beyond the depths of all the boundaries.

In simple, I am an introvert that loves to write and I love to help people through my writing. Follow my blog to find out more. http://mykeystrokestohappiness.blogspot.com
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