Francisco Javier de Carranza

Freelance Architect & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:United Kingdom
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Personal data:
Name: Francisco Javier de Carranza Huerta
Born in Castellon, Spain, on January 29, 1965
Status: Married, 2 children
Professional address: Avda.Juan Carlos I no. 95 - 2 ° A - 04740 - Roquetas de Mar - Almería.
Contact telephone number: + 34 950 32 59 91 / + 34 666 59 32 06
Fax: + 34 950 32 59 91
E-mail: Web:

Academic data:

Titling: Bachelor in Architecture (6 years+ Graduation thesis). Urban planning specialty.
Technical School of Architecture of Seville . October 1991.

Complementary courses - Ongoing education (1992-2010):

Area; calculation of structures and foundations:
· Regulations and earthquake resistant construction. Institute of Technological Studies.
· Building Course: Structure and Cladding of the building. Department of studies of the architecture of the C.O.A.A.Or.
· Constructive systems; Land Conditions: Foundation structures. Center of technologicall advice and C.O.A.A.Or architecture Studies Department.
· Building technician code: Structural safety; Actuations in the building - foundations . The CTE (Technical Code of Edification) of the Higher Council of Architects formation plan.
Area; Installations in building:
· Building facilities: facilities, audio-visual and electrical protection: permanent education of the architect of the C.O.A. Almeria.
· Technical assistance; Energy efficiency: energy certification in buildings: Committee on technology issues of the Higher Council of Architects.
· Building technician code: Protection against noise. The CTE of the Higher Council of Architects formation plan.
Area; security and usage of the building:
· Accessibility to the environment. Department of Studies of the architecture of the C.O.A.A.Or.
· Technical building code. Plan of the CTE of the Higher Council of Architects formation.
· Building technician code: DB DB fire safety and usage safety. The CTE of the Higher Council of Architects formation plan.
Area; of project management:
· The Real Estate valuation and the Pericial report. Group of experts and Forensics of the C.O.A.A.Or.
· Professional liability: Surveying and peritial expertise of the architect; accidents and prevention activity. Department of studies of the architecture of the C.O.A.A.Or.
· Project management: "Project management" . Formation permanent of the Architect of the C.O.A. Almeria.
Area; planning
· The new consolidated text of the Law of the Land: legal innovations in planning. Institute for Almerian studies of the Exma. Diputación Provincial de Almería
· Interventions in historic centres. Courses of summer at the Complutense University of Madrid.
· The Land Law of Andalusia: Law 7/2002. Formation permanent of the architect of the C.O.A. Almeria.
Area; prevention, safety and health:
· Rules of safety and health in construction. Department of studies of the architecture of the C.O.A.A.Or.
(C.O.A. – Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos – Official Association of Architect – Member of the UIA)

· English: Proficient in Reading/Speaking/Comprehension.

· Computer Literate: Package tools Microsoft Office; 2D/3D CAD: Autocad, DataCAD, Nemetschek AllPlan 2006 vs; Render: Visual Reality, Art-lantis; Calculation of structures: CYPECAD; Calculation of installations for the construction of CYPE; Measurements and budgets: PRESTO. Regular use of the Internet as a working tool.

Professional activity:

Senior Architect.
Since November 1991, I have developed free professional activity; Collegiated and registered in the C.O.A. of Almería with 132 order number.
I have done work in the provinces of Almería, Seville and Tenerife, Spain.
My main activity has been focused on the area of building and urban planning, both for individual customers, local and British companies, and the different Administrations.
The main areas of work have been the architecture of residential use (private dwellings and promotion of collective housing), tourism (hotel, camping), rehabilitation of buildings, health care (disabled care centres), administrative, sports.
In addition to the activity of architecture, I have developed work in other areas:
- Area environmental; as coordinator of the study of environmental impact for implementation of uses (prior to development of project) in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada.
- Study and assessment of feasibility of real estate. Detailed study, assessment of costs and planning (Project Management), further development of real estate promotion and monitoring of costs in residential building.
- Entrepreneurship: development of the idea, study of feasibility, public presentation, acquisition of capital, land, creation of the society, development project and follow-up until his release in motion Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar through Almería S.L. Acuariums project.

Availability to travel both in Spain and abroad.

I have developed projects from the original conception, in coordination with the various technicians involved, acting as a partner to the developer and to the Administrations.
Handling fluid work of CAD tools for representation and presentation of projects.
Knowledge and use of tools for calculation of reinforced concrete structures and facilities (package of programmes of CYPE, CYPECAD and others) with calculated structures up 14,000 m2 and 10 levels of high residential building.
Extensive experience in Technical direction of works ( Surveying ) designed, and collaborations in their management.

Most representative List of projects

(see graphic information at: )

- Study of environmental impact and project of Camping in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, Paterna del Rio, Almería (1996).
- Aparthotel Paradise Club Monterrey, San Eugenio Alto, Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Canary Islands, developed by the British company Paradise Developments S.L.(1996-1999)
- Acuarium of Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, developed by Acuariums de Almería S.L. (2000-2006)
- Ciudad Deportiva in La Mojonera, Almería, developed by the Town Hall of La Mojonera (2001)
- Promotion of housing and local Rambla de Almería, Almeria, developed by Construsanor S.L.. (2002-2006)
- 81 Homes, premises and garage in Vícar, project Almeria, developed by promotions Naviza S.A. (2003)-
- Office building in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, developed by Cala Golf Investiments S.L. (2007)
- Rehabilitation of 85 houses, premises and garage in Terrassa Street, Almeria, developed by the community of owners and subsidized by the Ministry of Public Works of the Junta de Andalucía (2009)-
- Unit of diurnal stays "Joaquin Gris Ordoñez" for handicapped persons, Roquetas de Mar, Almería, developed by the Association of disabled physicists persons Amiromar. (2010)


- 44 Detached Houses in the provinces of Seville, Almeria and Tenerife
- 11 Real estate Condominium Developments in the provinces of Seville and Almeria
- Project of rehabilitation and adaptation of houses and blocks of buildings
- Instruments of urban planning and management proposals
- Reports, certifications and surveys
Skills (2) Rating
3D Graphic Design