Freelance Spanish Translator & Market Researcher

Location:Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
2 Skills

Intelligence Specialist (GMI Analyst), US Army Special Operations Command, 4th MISO Gp (Abn), SSD SOUTHCOM, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. June 2010 – Present. Salary $74,931, IA 0132-03 (GS/GG 11), Annually. H-2919 MISO/PSYOP Lane, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 28310. Strategic Studies Detachment Chief: Dr. John Page (910) 396-5586.
• Engage in the production of complex and highly specialized psychological operations (PSYOP) studies on the Latin American Region.
• Conduct research and analysis, using social science techniques, to produce high quality finished intelligence and planning documents, in support of contingences and ongoing PSYOP.
• Develop new approaches and methodologies to deal with research problems and information gaps; anticipate and define intelligence requirements; recommend procedures for collecting and evaluating information; and conduct liaison with other organizations as needed.
• Conduct target analysis, and review intelligence reports and foreign propaganda to assess reaction to US policies abroad.
• Collect and process information from all sources, classified and unclassified, and including in foreign languages, to prepare PSYOP intelligence analyses, estimates and plans.
• Analyze political/military situations affecting capabilities, vulnerabilities and probable course action by governments and military forces of assigned geographic area.
• Plan assignment objectives, research and assemble source materials, analyze subject/topic, justify conclusions, and prepare written reports/products and briefings to communicate results to superiors and consumers.
• Collect, review, interpret, evaluate, and integrate data from multiple sources.
• Identify intelligence gaps, specify collection requirements to fill gaps, evaluate the intelligence collected in response to those requirements, develop analytical tools and methodologies, and analyze database to draw conclusions.
• Maintain liaison with personnel in assigned and related fields to discuss mutual intelligence problems and production requirements.
• Provide cultural and language advise to the section regarding to products and presentations
• Review and edit presentations and products in Spanish language.
• Carry Secret Clearance.

Partnership Specialist - Hispanic/Latino. Partnership and Data Service Program, US Census Bureau, US Department of Commerce. Charlotte Regional Census Center, Raleigh. North Carolina. October 2008 – June 2010. Salary $72,027, Grade 12 Step 2. Annually. 3701 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 250, Charlotte, NC 28273-7007. Coordinator: Patricia Fletcher (704) 936-5330.
• Responsible for developing partnerships with state, local, and tribal governments; community-based organizations, faith-based groups; schools; media outlets; businesses; foreign governments, foreign organizations, and other grassroots entities in communities within the regional office area that includes the states of North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.
• Provided support to census field operations such as Recruitment, Be Counted, Questionnaire Assistance Centers, Non-Response Follow-Up, and others.
• Conducted research, analyzed the regional office area, and assisted in the development of the regional plan for the PDS Program for the census.
• Followed the goals and objectives, overall strategies, and major activities provided by headquarters staff as well as adhered to the budget allocations for the regional office for the planning and implementation of the program.
• Conducted public affairs programs involving public information community relations activities and seeking cooperation; and presenting information to internal and external groups to inform them of program objectives, activities and gaining their cooperation.
• Presented information to the public including media, state, and local government officials, community businesses, and organization program officers.
• Captivated and work closely with Hispanic/Latino populations and community based organizations in Spanish language, as well as other foreign born populations and their communities.

Public Information Officer/Hispanic Liaison. North Carolina Department of Revenue, State Government, Raleigh, North Carolina, February 2005 – October 2008. Salary $35,585 Annually. 501 N. Wilmington St. Raleigh, NC 27604. 40 hours per week. Supervisor: Kim Brooks (919) 733-5327, she can be contacted.
• Developed and disseminate information to the State’s Spanish-Speaking population.
• Assisted the department in its outreach efforts to the Hispanic community by working closely
with the Public Information Officer as well as department’s employees in Raleigh and field offices across the state.
• Key participant in agency’s Guest Worker Advisory Council.
• Developed plans and strategies for improving communication with Spanish-Speaking taxpayers.
• Contacted Spanish language newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations with information pertinent to Hispanic taxpayers and respond to questions from these media outlets, resulting in published articles and scheduled interviews with the department’s Secretary and other agency’s officers.
• Represented the Department as the Spanish-Speaking spokesperson.
• Translated the program materials to Spanish language.
• Edited and proofread translated documents and legal tax instruction forms.
• Oversaw the Website –Spanish link- content and updated information.
• Translated and interpreted between Hispanics journalist and organization staff.
• Organized and coordinated meetings, presentations and seminars, which resulted in the attendance over 150 people from the community and media reporters in such presentations.
• Coordinated a statewide media campaign, which included television and radio spots and interviews, and newspaper feature articles.
• Organized and coordinated the NCDOR exhibit at the North Carolina State Fair, where I have managed 60 people for a period of a month every year. During this event, the exhibit received over 25,000 people.
• Wrote scripts for TV and radio ads.
• Coordinated interviews with Spanish journalists and Agency Secretary and agency’s officers.
• Developed press releases with pertinent information to the Hispanic population resulting in publishing in newspapers, radio and TV community announcing.
• Designed brochures.
• Maintained accurate and complete records of the activities done with the Hispanic Community.
• Developed a Database with names, phones numbers, addresses and e-mails from Hispanic Organizations, Media Outlets, and Small Business Organizations, and others.
• Available outside of normal business hours to accommodate the needs of the program and outreach the Hispanic Community in special events.
• Extensive travel inside NC State.
• Oversaw TV and radio advertising and video production.
• Assisted Criminal Investigation Division in interpreting Spanish/English during their cross examination with Spanish-speaking taxpayers.

Volunteer Coordinator. Haven House Services, Non-profit organization, Raleigh, North Carolina, March 2004–February 2005. Salary $24,800. 706 Hillsborough St. Suite 102 Raleigh, NC 27603. 40 hours per week. Supervisor: Kelsey Edwards (919) 833-3312.
• To assist in the management of the mentoring program of the agency, including the recruitment, screening, training, supporting and matching of mentors with youth.
• Work closely with court counselors and sources of volunteers in the community, as well as groups and organizations that are potential supporters of the program, especially the Hispanic Community.
• Translate the program material to Spanish language. Translate and interpreter between Hispanics families and organization staff.
• Organize meetings and presentations.
• Design brochures.
• Provide on-going support to the mentor and youth through regular contact.
• Conduct background checks on all mentors applicants. Interview youth, family and court counselors to determine appropriateness of youth for program, to identify strengths and interests.
• Design graphic tables to accurate the follows up.
• Provide group activities for the mentors and youth.
• Provide monthly support meetings for volunteers.
• Arrange for recognition of volunteers of their services.
• Maintain accurate and complete records of the activities of the mentors and the youth, as well as documentation of relevant background and evaluation information in accordance with prescribed record requirements.
• Maintain data required by funding sources.
• Available outside of normal business hours to accommodate the needs of the program.

Public Affairs Officer, National Urban Transportation Foundation (FONTUR), administered by the Transportation Department, Caracas, Venezuela, October 1997-July1999. 40 hours per week. Calle Las Flores, Edif. FONTUR, Caracas, Venezuela. Supervisor: Albertina De Jesús.
• Assisted director in responding to media inquiries.
• Created and supervised publications.
• Coordinated, wrote and selected the visual and written material needed for development of bimonthly internal magazine.
• Researched, wrote and edited institutional texts, news, speeches, and press releases.
• Developed informational brochures.
• Wrote and developed advertising, campaigns, correspondences, slogans, and obituaries.
• Directed placement of paid advertising.
• Implemented local, state, regional, and national media relations programs.
• Promoted programs and events.
• Distributed information to the public and media agencies.
• Coordinated, developed, and selected the photography files to be published in newspapers.
• Professional contact with Buses Associations, State and Local Government Officials.
• Planned, executed, and coordinated internal, external, including the presidential events, to enhance the institutional image.
• Developed strategic plans for each special events.
• Secured sponsoring partners.
• Developed, managed, and maintained positive relationship with print and audiovisual media.
• Accompanied media at special events.
• Represented the institution on appropriate marketing and public relations groups.
• Identified audience trends and oversaw budget in the communications and marketing unit.

Reporter, Channel 32-TVS, Maracay, Venezuela, September 1996-September 1997. 40 hours per week. Zona Industrial San Jacinto, Maracay, Venezuela. Supervisor: Andreina Marco.
• Researched and wrote TV scripts covering culture, entertainment, crime, science, health, economic, politic, strikes, and community news.
• Executed text processing in TV script.
• Conducted live interviews of politicians and community leaders, and live broadcasting.
• Broadcasted events, culture, politics, economy, and community news.
• Edited news in Betacam and Super VHS systems and by text processing of TV script.
• Created the cultural and educational segment inside the news program “El Informativo TVS”.
• Cooperated with the society in growth their communities.
• Conducted crime scene searches.
• Investigated criminal activities.
• Interviewed person in connection with criminal cases being investigated.
• Assisted other law enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of cases.
• Interacted effectively with a variety of individuals from diverse background in the general population.

Professor, University Of Santa Maria, Maracay, Venezuela, April 1997-September 1997. 4 hours per week. Avenida Santos Michelena, Centro Comercial La Capilla, Maracay, Venezuela.
• Lectured on Public Opinion and led small groups discussions at Graduate level.

Professor, Santiago Mariño Technical College, 4 hours per week, Zona Industrial San Jacinto, Edificio SMTC, Maracay, Venezuela, February 1997, September 1997.
• Taught Media Planning and Cinema to undergraduates using standard classroom equipment and multimedia.

Correspondent Assistant, German Press Agency (DPA), Caracas, Venezuela, November 1993- May 1996. 40 hours per week. Avenida Urdaneta, Edificio El Universal, Caracas, Venezuela. Supervisor: Emilio Rappold.
• Wrote scripts and features of economic, political, entertainment, sports, history, health, science, conflicts, and crime news of the countries that belongs to the Andean Community of Nations.
• In depth investigative reporter of crimes such as ******, drugs, guerrillas.
• Coordinated the administration of and sold subscriptions to clients and administered the accounts; received 10% of sale.
• Photographed people, disasters and nature in color slides and black and white pictures.
• Traveled to sites of breaking news and coordinated with local correspondents.

Bachelor in Communications, minor in Advertising and Public Relations, Andres Bello Catholic University, November 1995. Avenida El Paraiso, Montalbán, Caracas, Venezuela,

Thesis: Informative Strategic Study for Tourism in Venezuela, Bolivar State, Venezuela.
A quarter (18 hours) of International Relations, Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela, February to June 1999.

• Joint Civil-Military Operations Campaign Planning Workshop, Joint Special Operations University, MacDill AFB, FL, June 2011.
• Introduction to Special Operation Forces, Special Operation Command, Joint Special Operations University, MacDill AFB, FL, January 2011.
• Intelligence Support to Multinational Operations, Defense Intelligence Agency 's Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, Fort Bragg, NC, three days, July 2010.
• Intelligence Oversight, Fort Bragg, NC, 4 hours, June 2010.

• SERE 100 Code of Conduct, Fort Bragg, NC, 4 Hours, July 2010.
• Human Rights, Fort Bragg, NC 4 Hours, July 2010.

• New Technologies of the Information in the Threshold of 2000, Caracas, Venezuela, 8 hours,
April 1999.
• IV Congress Advertising Speaking, Caracas, Venezuela, 32 hours, May 1994.
• Communicational Management, Maracay, Venezuela, 16 hours, March 1994.
• Publicity in Maracay, Venezuela, 8 hours, October 1992.
• Forum “Venezuela: Mass Media Scene”, Caracas, Venezuela, October 1992.

• Intelligence Analyst Course, two weeks, Defense Intelligence Agency 's Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, Washington DC, October 2010.
• VII Phases of PSYOP, Fort Bragg, NC, three weeks, August-September 2010.
• Clients Rights, Raleigh, NC, March 2004.
• Volunteer Management, Chapel Hill, NC, March 2004.
• Proactive Behavioral, Instruction with Youth, Raleigh, NC, March 2004.
• In-Service Resolve Mediation, Raleigh, NC, April 2004.
• Attracting and Retaining Volunteers, Raleigh, NC, April 2004.
• CQI Record Review, Raleigh, NC, June 2004.
• Field TV Production, Community Television, Channel 10, Raleigh, North Carolina, February-March 2002.
• Complete training to promote health under the program “Educating Our Women”. Sponsored by Wake County Health Department, December 2001.
• Basic Photography, Wake Technical Community College, Raleigh, North Carolina, 28 hours, July 2000.
• Cultural Journalism, Maracay, Venezuela, 8 hours, August 1997.

• Top Ten Partnership Specialists award, in recognition for maintaining rank in the top ten list over 6 months at the national Value Added List of the Integrated Partnership Contact Database for the US Census 2010, with an accumulated of over $36 millions in value added.
• Overpass Participation Rates Award, in recognition for the most achievement campaign during US Census 2010 in North Carolina, and supporting the campaign statewide among the NC Latino/Hispanic population.
• Award of Merit-Police Department, Aragua, Venezuela, July 1997, for outstanding investigation.
• Recognition by Secretary of Education of Aragua State, Venezuela, July 1997, for educating audience about public health, science, nature, and living in society.
• Recipient of appreciation award for organizing parish and “Day of Youth”, Maracay, Venezuela, February 1997.

Native Spanish speaker, English as a Second Language in Wake Technical Community College, German Certified Advanced by Goethe Institut, and Italian studied in the Italian Catholic Missionary School “John Pope XXIII”.

• Knowledgeable in Internet, Windows 98/2000 (Word, Power Point, Publisher, Print Workshop, Excel and Access), Adobe, Photoshop, and Micrograph Designer.
• Acquaintance with Digital Camera (Mavica Sony and Kodak), Canon Camera 35mm and digital EOS (zoom 28mm-300mm), develop in black and white films and copies.
• Handle Betacam and SVHS Video Cameras and editing equipment.
• Extensive travels to Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and US.
• Taught swimming to kids between ages of four to nine.
• Voluntary translate to the NC Governor’s Office Emergency Help Hotline during Hurricane Ophelia, September, 2005, and Hurricane seasons 2006 and 2007.
• Voluntary translate to Medical-Dental Van Ministries from Fuquay-Varina Baptist Church, Fuquay Varina, NC, September 2005.

• North Carolina Autism Society, Volunteer Coordinator for the Hispanic Support Group of Parents with Children on the Autism Spectrum.