Lynsi Farrell

Freelance Artist & Painter

Location:Lakeland, Florida, United States
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Creator - Artist, Illustrator, & Photographer with a Bachelor's degree in Communications, specializing in Public Relations.

The thoughts of one Artist ...

I'm Lynsi and I have a passion for art.

I am striving to make it in the art world, rather than spend my days with boring numbers in front of a computer. Although I am now finding myself in front of the computer constantly, but now it is for me - it is for art - it's different.

Since I can remember I have been creator of art. For years, it was a hard thing to say this short, simple sentence: "I am an artist."

I usually stuttered answering with, "Well, I paint." or "Yeah, I mean I create." But I am "I am an artist! Now, I can finally say it.

What inspires me? Everything around me from my cats to the packaging of my cereal. I put my heart in everything I do. Each piece is made with a strong passion for arts and the desire for others to come into my world and see it through my eyes.

Changing a blank canvas or a bland idea into a one of a kind interesting piece of original art has always been one of my favorite things. Another huge part of my life has been making things for others to enjoy. The appreciation of a time consuming painting or simple drawing is priceless !

The thoughts of one Photographer ...

On Lynsi and Photography: Who I am, What I Love

I am an artist in every sense of the word. The camera is my paint brush (and other times my paint brush is my paint brush!) Creating and encouraging others to create has always been a passion of mine. I love the camera, both being in front of and behind.

At a young age, my mom had me posing in our living room in my Halloween costume. Things haven't changed much, except now there is a delete button which comes with even freedoms of being in front of the camera. I enjoy playing in front of the camera so much I unconsciously decided to show others my methods and techniques helping them take even better pictures. Throughout my life I have carried a camera along with me when I leave the house. You never want to be the one saying "I wish I had my camera!"

My other passion is shopping - bargain shopping. As I strongly believe every family, couple and even pet deserves the opportunity to capture a time in their lives. So with this mentality, I created Lynsi's (Bargain) Fotography.

Everyone should be immortalized through a beautiful image, and therefore, it is only natural for me to photograph people at a very modest price. I love capturing the essence of people and making them look even better than they thought possible with the click of a button. I would love to photograph you or your loved ones - for fun or for a special occasion !

Remember, when you are in front of any camera the more fun you have the better the photographs will be. That's why the delete button was invented! So whatever photographer you use, have fun !! You can't take a bad picture !

Random and (Funny) Experiences in Random Areas:

Public Relations & Promotions:
- Public Relations Research and Special Projects Coordinator for Political and PR firm
- Member of Roast & Toast Committee for the Florida Public Relations Association
- Treasurer for Florida State University's chapter of the Florida Public Relations Assoc.
- Volunteer at the annual ER for PR event
- Promotions: Promoted for Barefoot Wines; acted as Barbie for Mattel charity
- Managed annual holiday parties and new client welcoming gifts for SoNoted

- Artist & Fundraiser for the Humane Society
- Fundraising Coordinator for a for-profit company helping non-profits succeed and participated in the company's branding
- Fundraiser for Florida Public Relations annual Roast & Toast Gala

Experience with the Camera:
- Photographer for weddings, portraits, animals and events
- Photographer for Florida State's Yearbook
- Featured as a model in first page advertisements, on promotional materials and articles, in places such as The Florida Time Union, as well as Jacksonville Magazine.
- Actress in a behavioral research study at the Business College at Florida State University

- Recruiter
- Recruiting Assistant

* AVATAR photo taken by Pink Coffee Photo in downtown Jacksonville *
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