Melissa Walther

Freelance Video Producer & Journalistic Videographer

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
2 Skills
University of Oregon 2003-2007: Bachelor of Arts
Theatre Arts Major, English Literature Major
University of London, Central School of Speech and Drama 2008-2009: Master of Arts
Collaborative Production

Personal Summary
Excellent verbal and communication skills
Strong attention to detail, problem solving skills, and planning ahead
Ability to work independently and self-motivated
Never afraid to ask questions
Computer proficiencies in Microsoft and Mac systems

Generation Debt (working title), documentary, Director
University of London, Just(Press)Play, documentary, Producer
University of London, A4, live production, Producer, Dramaturg, Lighting Designer
Lord Leebrick, The Busy World is Hushed, live production, Dramaturg
University of Oregon, Antigone, multimedia production, Director
University of Oregon, The Portrait, multimedia production, Director
Tech/management/office work
Curation of speakers and other weekly, ongoing performances
Multimedia promotion: Facebook event, posters, calls to people of interest

Assistant to Jeff Automatic of Club NME and Transmission, London, UK
March 2010-June 2010
Create professional relationships with venue managers and artists
Research new acts for club nights, new tracks for DJ sets
Organize talent for Transmission club nights
Coordinate street promotions team
Communicate effectively with people from all over the world

Marketing Director for Turbulence Festival. Swiss Cottage, London, UK
March 2009 - June 2009
Create and maintain social media including Facebook and Twitter
Work with a team to produce festival identity

Promotions Assistant for Cumulus Broadcasting. Eugene, Oregon
July 2007 - September 2008
Work with management to create/budget/produce promotions
Responsible for set-up and take-down of events
Maintain organization promotions office and paperwork
Write creative and effective copy for radio spots
Deliver extensive presentations with confidence and understanding

Event Leader for University of Oregon Event Services. Eugene, Oregon
September 2005 - July 2007
Solve problems quickly under high pressure
Create intricate schedule for over twenty crew members
Responsible for post-event reports
Provide hands-on training for new staff

Executive Assistant for Run Spot Run Media, Inc. Sherwood, Oregon
June 2003 - September 2005
Build professional relationships with clients and media representatives
Create documents using Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint
Provide general clerical support to managers
Upkeep of extensive client database
Researching new client’s products and audience

Full production resume and job history available if desired

Directing and Production
Organization of large groups, great communication skills
Able to start promptly on time, stay on schedule
Work well under pressure
Problem solve, able to plan ahead
Organize work materials; schedules, scripts, props lists, fitting sheets, and more

2007 National Theatre Conference Dramaturg representative, Region VII

Member of the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of America and American National Honor Society.

Interests include theatre, music, film, art, photography and the potential of the internet to expand our love of those media.