Arlette Hanania

Freelance Graphic Designer & Multimedia Freelancer

Location:Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States
2 Skills
Managing a whole company and being the Executive Manager plus creative, skilled Multimedia Developer with experience in producing interactive CDs. Background includes Database Design, Flash and Director Developer and Graphic Design positions with expertise in combining Flash with Databases and HTML Development with knowledge of .Net environment.

Computer Skills
Microsoft Access Expert 11 years
Macromedia Director Expert 14 years
Macromedia Flash Expert 13 years
Final Cut Pro Intermediate 2 year
Wave Lab Expert 8 years
Adobe Photoshop Expert 14 years
Adobe Illustrator Expert 14 years
Adobe Premiere Expert 14 years
Adobe IDesign Expert 10 years
Poser Intermediate 3 years
HTML Expert 11 years
.Net Expert 7 year
SQl Expert 7 year

Fall 1992 – Summer 1996 Royal Scientific Society ‘Princess Sumaya University
For Technology’ Amman, Jordan
B.Sc., Computer Science & System Analysis

University training was executed at Scientific & Medical Supplies Co.
(Formally Mouasher Cousins Co.) A leading computer and medical supplies company

Professional Experience
October 2008 – Current Owner –
After having more than 11 years in Multimedia and designs and web applications, I decided to work on my own, which will widen my experience even more. You can also check my website

May 2006 – September 2008 Executive Manager - Integrated Business Solutions
As per the management request, I was asked to take a leading role in managing the company and taking the place of their CEO after she left Jordan to work abroad. My duties can be summarized in:
? Accounting and payroll
? Marketing and making sure the company has enough projects running to keep it going
? Managing staff and making sure each is doing his job
? Quality assurance for all outgoing projects
? Helping staff when they are in need for support or any technical guidance
? Helping in the analysis for OMS System for Arab Bank, which is a centralized web enabled Orders system, that will support the users worldwide and enabled them to manage their orders processes, OMS allows you to:
o Place orders for products and send them to the market.
o Back Office can:
? Approved orders requests.
? Execute Orders.
o Portfolio management.
o Customer Relationship Management.
o Product Management.
o Currency Converter.
o Upload Profile.
o Report Management Generator.
? Worked on the development of Arab Bank local and global website on a CMS system that allows administrators to create new pages on the site along with a full control on the menu
? And any other kind of administrative and personnel issues that might appear.
? Due to lack of resources for designers I had to take the role myself to design and development of Arab Bank ATM screens for Jordan and International countries.

July 2001 – May 2006 Project Manager - Integrated Business Solutions
? Making all contacts with the clients and analyzing their needs in the project and planning the work scope.
? Quality Assurance for the projects and making sure that the result is what the client need.
? Besides developing several projects like the interactive Flash sections in the Queen Rania Website (, developing an interactive CD for Al Hikma Pharmaceutical. Also worked on the development of the Royal Auto Museum with all Flash Action Scripting (
? Developing two TV ads that were presented at the BBC satellite channel for MENA FN Company.
? Setting up technical requirements for the projects.
? Writing the proposals for potential clients.
? Supervising the staff in the absence of the General Manager.

March 1999 – July 2001 Senior Programmer - Integrated Business Solutions
? Finished the development of the CD for ARAMEX with additional Interactive Screen Saver helping the employees and clients to know more about ARAMEX.
? Also developed some Kiosks touch screen systems

? Discover Jordan CD, a comprehensive CD about Jordan in five major languages.
? Besides my responsibilities to maintain on the systems developed earlier.
? Also being able to deal with Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator in better manners.
? Producing a CD for Qatar National Bank, a CD with interactive screens and narrations.
? Development of the Doha Islamic Summit CD held in Qatar in 2000, and participating in the development of the Web Site for that project.
? Developing presentations for various clients, and updating previous work done by Qatar Info, besides being responsible of the employees work and giving each one his job, and following up with them and supervising them.
? Also I was the solo programmer and animator for web Site; it is an interactive web site with a total new idea for sites on the net.
? I managed to develop new skills on working on Final Cut Pro software, software for editing and producing videos and video clips.

March 1998 – March 1999 Experienced Staff Programmer - Integrated Business Solutions
I developed a new version of the Kiosk ‘Jordan Online’ program. In this program I enriched my skills using Macromedia Director to read and write to Access databases using third party software.
Also a new CD was performed for ARAMEX “Express Transportation Solutions”, along with new Database application concerning
? Payroll system.
? Group Quotation System for a tourism company.
? Sales and Inventory System for a car dealing company “NISSAN”.
As well my responsibilities were extended to cover the maintenance of the system developed by me and by other programmers.

March 1997 – March 1998 Staff Programmer - Integrated Business Solutions
During that period I developed several information systems utilizing Macromedia Director, Access 2.0 and Access 8.0, particularly in the design, implementation and client support, for the following systems:
? Cuisine System for Yesterdays Restaurant & Bar, Tawaheen Al Hawa Restaurant, Mamamia Restaurant and thirty Something restaurant.
? Dental Clinic System
? Worked partially as a part of a team who was responsible for managing and evaluating an automated express system based on using SQL Server with Access environment.
? Orders and Sales System.
? Tourism multimedia CD for a French company in France ‘Quartier Libre’
? Noor Al Hussein Foundation “New Perspectives for Development” CD, a project for Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein the Queen of Jordan.

? Communication Skills
? Ability to switch between various systems
? Team spirit
? Problem solving
? Fast learning
? Exploring new software
? Patience and Hard working
? Capability to work under pressure
? Good sense of humor
Skills (2) Rating
Graphic Design