Aj Hernandez

Freelance Poster Designer & Creative Writer

Location:Austin, Texas, United States
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Raconteur, gourmand, hedonist and sensualist - I am all of these things. Alas, all together they do not put food in my larder, chow in my kitty's bowl, wine into my wine cabinet, or money into my bank account. They do, however, make me excellent company, fuel an already fertile, facile mind with more petrol, more grist for the mill, and freely contribute to a wildly creative imagination, an "outside of the box" determination, and a passionate, always optimistic outlook on life. Skilled writer, artist, ever-searching student of life that I am, I long ago learned the power of images and words. For instance, a samurai sword, the "killing blade" or katana, can slice a man in half, killing him instantly. A handful of choice, well-selected words, on the other hand, can still slice through a man - metaphorically speaking - breaking his heart, crushing his soul, yet leaving him alive to feel his pain. I know well the power of words, the impact of images. Be assured I will bring this knowledge, this passion, this creativity to every project I undertake at your behest. It is the only way I know. It is my personal code. It is my promise to you.
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Poster Design
Creative Writing