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Amy Farrar

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Illustrator

Location:Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
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I have recently graduated from university with a degree in Film art and am looking to apply my skills and ideas into a range of artistic outlets. I feel I have unique and intriguing ideas for childrens illustrations and am hoping to transform and expand on these ideas.

• I have acquired considerable organisational skills, through working on a plethora of artistic projects with several different teams. I have also learnt how to work effectively with such teams in order to produce the best possible outcome, along with time management skills, mediation and a strong work ethic. Moreover, such work has taught me to work most effectively and produce my best work under pressure.

• I have received a surplus of commissions for artwork, as I have natural skill, a unique style and creative ideas which culminate to produce intriguing and forward thinking works.

• Through experience and ingenuity, I have gained the knowledge and skills in creating make-up special effects for film and theatre works. These looks range from subtle and natural screen looks, to extreme wounds and horror effects for theatre performance and films