Brenda Kirk

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Animator

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
Phone: 01707 332161
2 Skills
I attended a 3 year graphic art course at Harare Polytechnic in 1989. All the work we did was done the old traditional way, by hand with any lettering being done on a lightbox. Our course covered logo design, still life, figure drawing, packaging, advertising, various printing techniques, illustration and painting.
I was employed by Reprograph, where I prepared art ready for print before travelling over to the UK in 1993.
I have designed pub chalk boards, painted ostrich eggs, completed a Highway for Information IT course which included desktop publishing and I completed a Web Design and Flash Animation Course.
I have my own cartoon character who is well known amongst the people I know as I make my own cards. He is now 26 years old!
I always carry my camera with me and although I have not done a course in photography I get great compliments on my photographs.