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Here's an article that I wrote on how to use social media to Acquire Paying Customers. This thinking yielded 1500 new systems sales in one years time. Taking charge of your sales destiny to proactively find and acquire paying customers online is what I offer as my service and skill.

Understanding social media and how to define and then write for it so the article, release, reach out, sales or marketing piece does get you a "go to" position and reputation plus Acquire Paying Customers is what I do for my clients.
Sales approaches for Quick starting solid business growth via social media by
Neil Licht CEO HereWeAre, Chief adviser, Acquiring Paying Customers Consultancy Group

While we all want to grow our businesses as painlessly as possible, there is some important homework to be done first in order to see the paths and avenues to take when trying to gain traction for, and sell product or service so sales can happen.

Its about understanding your target audiences, what they worry about, and how to "get into their heads" so to speak so you think like they think and can position what you are saying so they will buy what you are selling

Look at these key issues in strategic positioning, messaging, understanding your target audiences and actual selling approaches that need to be addressed to get YOU sales:

• Where is my target audience? Who are they? Where do they “hang out” on line
• What do they care about?
• How do they source?
• Where do they go for industry updates and information and how do you get featured "there"?
• How do I think from the point of view of my target audiences so I can relate and connect?
• What do I specifically "say" that can instantly capture the targeted audiences, prospects so they want to talk
• How do I differentiate myself from the pack so i get called?
• How does my target audience evaluate issues and solutions?
• How can I define my key audiences and position to be of service to each audience so they want what I offer?
• How do I become a featured speaker at events and establish my position as a go to expert?

That reveals where target audiences are, where their "influencers" are and where you should be active via articles, social media, blogs, email, newsletters to create a "go to" national presence and reputation.

Next, using what you found, apply 2 key sales axioms as the road map for tapping into what you learned, using/leveraging each identified path and for messaging accordingly in each avenue you found that can create calls, buyers, get attention and position you as the go to source:

* Axiom #1: People do things for their reasons, not yours.
* Axiom #2: Imagine the prospect has a sign on his forehead that says “so what?”

These two principles guide the selling process, whether in letters, emails, your web page, blog or in person. If you remember these two axioms, your sales reach outs and what you say in them will come out as grabbers and connectors with issues and concerns that prospects interested buyers have, not as product pitches and then link/position what you "offer" as a way to solve those issues.

Understanding this thinking in target markets and constructing your reach outs based on the 2 sales axioms can get you the desired national presence and reach that you want plus the all important interested "real" prospect that you want.

Neil Licht CEO HereWeAre, Chief Adviser, Acquiring Paying Customers Consultancy Group
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