Omar Masri

Freelance Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phone: 4383925453
2 Skills
Computer Skills: MS Office and Internet.
Non-Linear editing: AVID Media Composer®, Final Cut Pro 7®,
Adobe Premiere®CS5, Casablanca® by Macrosystem®)
Graphics: Adobe® Photoshop® CS5, Adobe® Illustrator® CS5,
Adobe® After Effects CS5, Bryce®, Autodesk Maya®.
Linear editing (Digital Betacam® , SP, SD & Mixers)


- Degree in Graphic Design
- Nine years of practical experience in the media field and the graphic design industry.
- Skills to edit all kinds of media (video and audio), color correction and video titling.
- Creating motion graphics.
- Designing logos, brochures, ads, flyers and retouching and enhancing all kinds of photos.
- Fast learning and easy adaptation to new situations.
- Interpersonal skills, creativity, independence, responsibility, enthusiasm and team spirit.


Assistant Editor and Additional Researcher 2011
Rotating Planet, Director Ari A. Cohen, Canada
Creative documentary “Falafelism: Give peas a Chance”
- Organizing footage and timelines.
- Translation from Arabic to English.
- Researching new materials to be integrated into the documentary film

Prime Editor 2011
Production and Acquisition Company (PAC), Lebanon (3 months)
- Editing the prime episodes of the Reality TV Show “Top Chef” for LBCI

Senior Editor and Animator 2009-2011
Information Affairs Authority (Bahrain TV), Bahrain
- Shooting and editing various fillers, promotions and TV programs.
- Creating and animating dressings for the programs and the station identity.
- Designing sets and studios.

Senior Video Editor 2009
The Guide to Lebanon, Lebanon (2 months)
- Edited two documentaries for the Ministry of Tourism entitled : “Beirut, World Book Capital 2009”
and “Lebanon, the destination”.

Prime and Access Video Editor 2009
Endemol Middle East, Lebanon (6 months)
- Edited the prime episodes of the Reality TV Show “Ton of Cash” Season 2 for Abu Dhabi TV.
- Edited the daily access episodes of the Reality TV Show “Fear Factor Extreme” for Al Hayat TV.

Prime & Online Video Editor 2009
I Production, Lebanon (4 months)
- Edited the prime episodes of the Reality TV Show “The Biggest Loser” Season 4 for MBC Network.
- Finalizing the episodes, audio leveling, color correcting and adding graphics.

Video Editor 2009
The Guide to Lebanon, Director Fouad Khoury, Lebanon (3 months)
- Edited the feature film "Shola Cohen: The Pearl " (screened in various movie theatres in Lebanon)

Prime Video Editor 2008
Endemol Middle East, Lebanon (3 months)
- Edited the prime episodes of the Reality TV Show “Ton of Cash” Season 1 for Abu Dhabi TV.

Programs Video Editor 2008
Charisma TV Productions, Lebanon
- Edited various TV programs for the Rotana Group.

Programs & Promotions Video Editor 2006-2007
Al Jadeed TV, Lebanon
- Edited a variety of TV programs.
- Created and edited different promotions and clips.

Graphics Artist 2005-2006
KM Productions, Lebanon
- Video edited nearly 500 hours (Digital Betacam® and SP).
- Video titling of several cartoon series and movies.
- Various audio mixing operations.

Design artist 2001–2006
Audio and Video center, Lebanon
- Designing more than 100 brochures, banners, and posters for international brands (JVC®, SONY®,
Datavideo®, Macrosystem®, Roland®, Gruppo Manfrotto®).
- Designing several covers for DVD’s and CD’s for famous local artists.
- Retouching and enhancing old and new photos.

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design 2005
Schiller International University through AUCE International Program Department, Lebanon

Reading, Photography, Diving, Computers, Music and Traveling.
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Graphic Design
Video Editing