Jeff Frez-Albrecht

Freelance Audio Editor & Music Producer

Location:North Haven, Connecticut, United States
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Jeffrey Frez-Albrecht has been a recordist and audio engineer for more than 17 years, and has contributed to several dozen Emmy and Academy Award winning films. His previous work includes “Long Journey Home: The Irish In America” (Lennon Documentary Films/PBS/Buena Vista Films), “New York: A Documentary Film” (Steeplechase Films/PBS), “Stephen King’s ‘The Nightflier’” (HBO), “Into The Deep: America, Whaling, and the World” (Steeplechase Films/PBS), and “Becoming American: The Chinese and America” (Thomas Lennon Films/HBO). His most recent work was audio post and mix for “Wild Horses in Winds Of Change”, which premiered at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles on December 2, 2010, and “A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour”, which premiered on the Documentary Channel on July 2, 2011. He is currently at work on two independent films: “The Short Con” for Dark Embrace Films, based on a story from the comic book series “100 Bullets”, and “Stetson: Street Dog of Park City” for Campbell and Company, a film based on the children’s book of the same name, set to air on Salt Lake City Public Television in September 2011.

After establishing himself as a world-class engineer, mixer, sound designer and audio editor, Jeff recently entered the world of voice acting and narration with the documentary film “Madstreak”, the audio book “Mr. Bluestick”, and most recently “Wild Horses in Winds Of Change” for Skydancer Productions, which won “Honorable Mention” at the Los Angeles Film Awards festival in December of 2010, and most recently won a coveted “Silver Telly” award.

Jeff lives in northwestern Connecticut with his wife, three children, and four cats. His interests include world domination, sitting on his lilly pad, inflating his air sac to attract females, referring to himself in the 3rd person, and listing his interests in series.
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