Amanda Nagy

Freelance Writer & Graphic Designer

Location:Snohomish, Washington, United States
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I am a high school senior student with a huge passion of writing and photoshop design. I have taken digital arts and graphic design at my school and have spent hours among hours making my photos look unique and professionally perfect. I have taken a creative writing course and honors english throughout my whole high school career. I have written for the high school paper and have been on the yearbook staff as story editor. I've written many novels and are in the process of getting some out to the publishers, while I also have an abundance of short stories that I have created. In a poetry contest, I submitted my work and was published in a limited edition book. I love english and when I head into college, writing and design will be my main points of interest. My main flaw is being a perfectionest, which means you will get wonderful, high quality work from me time and time again. I may be younger than you are looking for, but given the chance I will not disapoint you.
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Graphic Design