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Jesse Nickles

Freelance Book Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:Springfield, Missouri, United States
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I do graphic design, and have been freelancing close to seven years now . I work for a game developer in the art department. We mostly do mobile and handheld titles geared towards younger people. I love design and illustration, and I consume it on a daily basis. (one of my favorite blogs right now is design observer.) I love drawing, Nothing makes me happier than filling a page with scribbles.

In my personal life, I am married to a very talented and beautiful woman. We met in school, and she is also a graphic designer. We adopted two dogs last year and they have become an obsession. I like music, video games, and comics, just a typical nerd. I'm very proud to have grown up in Southern Missouri, and am currently living in Springfield, Missouri, part of the Ozarks.

Untrue facts: 1. I once wrestled a bear to the ground using only my beard. 2. I can identify several trees from quite a long way away. 3. I always suspected the spanish inquisition 4. When I was eight, I killed my first unicorn. ( it's meat taste like orange sherbet. mmmmm orange sherbet aaaaaaahhhhh.)
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