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Mario Scott

Freelance Portrait Artist & Drawer

Location:Lansing, Michigan, United States
Phone: 5176146934
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At Thirty-five,i've been drawing for more than twenty-four yrs. My skills range from A to Z.
I have attempted, with great success most art forms for example Jewlery (ring and penent),
Hand carving (wood) even Yard Landscaping. My main Medium is Pencil but lately i've been using Acrylic. Im inclined to mention the tatoo I did on my arm with just thread and needle.
A Video DVD, I created at home of myself, was supposed to be the start of my first scary
movie but my help was unreliable which resulted in an unfinished project. That, I don't
appreciate. Oh! one more thing I am Extremly detailed oriented.
I don't like losing which pushes me to be efficient. Hello, my name is Mario Scott Art is
My Passion, in all forms. I only have one eye but it doesn't slow me down one bit. It might help
me see the world in away others can not. I AM THE BEST!
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Portrait Art