Matikk Matrix

Freelance Virtual Assistant & Graphic Designer

Location:Davao City, Davao City, Philippines
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Hello there! I’m April Calayo, Founder of Matikk Matrix Digital Support. My experiences in my previous employment coupled with my strong commitment to various responsibilities, as well as my educational foundation in Marketing Management, helped me build this competitive and highly acknowledge online interactive institution.

Here in Matikk Matrix, I always encourage and remind everyone that customers should not be treated just as clients but also as a family. Being an ESL instructor gave me the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds. One of my strategies as an instructor is getting to know my student on a personal level. Because it will create a sense of goodwill in the classroom that can translate to dependable and comforting collaboration. I create a stable connection with them by continuously communicating even without booking classes or appointments. As much as possible, I also wanted them to treat me not just as their employee but also as their friend and a family they can talk to. I often receive comments from my clients that they feel more at ease with me and they can express their ideas freely because I’m very approachable. I establish clear expectations for them and show that the services we offer are consistent and predictable. I believe that this kind of strategy is really effective and will generate better output.

With Matikk Matrix, I want to create a world where anyone can be familiar and build something meaningful with digital learnings and services — have the tools, resources, and opportunities to do so. I am committed to empowering everyone, regardless of where they are in their digital journeys, to continue to learn, grow, and make an impact on the world around them. We set out to create an innovative and interactive way of learning and service — making it engaging, flexible, and accessible for as many people as possible.