Alexander Gudde

Freelance Article Writer & Copywriter

Location:Mountain View, California, United States
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I am a determined father driven to better his situation to build a brighter future for his children.
I am quite creative and can solve almost any issue presented to me. Often I plan to divert any unforeseen issues that present themselves.
I tend to be keen on how a situation should be handled and can juggle many tasks at once. Multitasking comes easy for me, and never leave a task unfinished. Time management can be an issue only when I take on too many tasks at once, but that is uncommon for me. I do my best to not take on too much at once if I don't know I can manage.
If chosen for your tasks needed, I will take it as seriously as if it were my love project. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and I look forward to our future partnership.
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Article Writing