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Jordan Haygood

Freelance Writer & Article Writer

Location:Millsap, Texas, United States
Phone: 9405944831
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I'm a freelance writer, musician, artist, and even a decent voice actor. I will work as hard as I can on any given task, mainly due to my perfectionism. With that said, you can count on me to do a splendid job with the areas I'm good at.

Speaking of which, I am actually a blog writer for various video game sites, and I'm a staff member on some. Aside from that, I write for various indie video games as well. If you'd like to see my work, give me a call.

As for my other areas, I don't do much online in terms of art, but I do draw quite a bit in my free time. In fact, I actually have a Wacom Tablet, which I use with Photoshop CS5. As for music, I have completed a few songs for people's video games using FL Studio 9. I've been given quite the good feedback for those, too, so if you'd like to hear 'em for yourself, just ask. I'm also working on an album of my own, so you could also be on the lookout for that.

Lastly, I'm pretty good with voice work, whether it be for narrations, voiceovers, or anything else. And I have some pretty professional home recording equipment, so don't be afraid to ask for my services.

The above isn't all I can do; I just wanted to cover some of the basics of what I'm good at. If you need my help with anything, I will do everything I can to get the job done. That's just how I am.
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