Freelance Editor & Fiction Writer

Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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I am an experienced writer, I spent years training in literature, writing, and reading comprehension. I am fairly young but one of my experiences is that, I was in an international program that sent our written work and tests overseas to be graded by international professors. I am currently attending college for Psychology, which helps me in writing. The best to expect from me is that I am always open to criticism, ideas, and suggestions. I may be direct but I always want the best for what I put out there. What you may also expect for me is that I put 100% into absolutely everything I do, there is no doubt about that. I understand the struggle of needing help with literature work or projects, and I am more than happy to help in whatever way I can. I am also very creative in content writing, I can research and study any topic and create cohesive, educative, and entertaining writing.

Overall, I have a great eye for the world and am someone who cares, and I think that's the best part.
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Fiction Writing