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Christopher McCauley

Freelance Logo Designer & Photo Editor

Location:Maryland, United States
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I'm currently a full-time Graphic Design student at AACC and I'm always looking for freelance work to do so I can help my skills along outside of school projects, that and mountain dew ain't free.

I mainly like to focus on designing things like logos, banners, and various forms of advertisement, but I can easily do photo editing and icon creating. I've also recently got into game design, in which I mostly stick to character and world art, and sometimes environment creation. Writing has also becoming more prominent in my array of talents due to my love of writing stories and lore for video games and the like, enough to where I mostly do that for free.

I'm a jack-of-all-trades really, and that's how I like it, because not a single one of these things I love to do will ever become boring or mundane to me. To be honest I'll probably die with a mouse in my hand and a stylus in the other, with a case of mountain dew within arms reach.

(website and more contact information coming soon)
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Logo Design
Photo Editing