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Lee Pauls

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator, Graphic Novel Artist, & More

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Lee Pauls is a prarie girl (in the city) born and raised in the centre of Canada.Before she could even speak, Lee was already drawing. Ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but she has been drawing as long as she can remember. She was born to create.

As a child Lee was lead by her vivid imagination. She held onto the idea of the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause longer then was cool, but that didn’t matter. She was often spotted looking off into the distance, daydreaming her next adventure. Not much has changed.

Lee has a background working in libraries. One of her favourite things was reading to young children. The rest of the job was kinda boring, so she left to pursue her true dream of becoming a children’s book illustrator.

Currently Lee is married to the love of her life, and has three little day dreamers of her own. When she is not sketching, she could be crocheting, knitting, embroidering, or perhaps out for a run with her dog, or doing yoga.