Justine Ekstrom

Freelance Editor & Technical Writer

Location:York, Pennsylvania, United States
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Justine Ekstrom

169 Berkshire Lane (410) 804-2933
Stewartstown, PA 17363 jlekstro@gmail.com

Pennsylvania State University
B.A. in Communications/Print Journalism Option Expected May 2012
Relevant Courses
Fundamentals of Journalism Visual Rhetoric
Ethics in Print Journalism Classical Music
Technical Writing Pop Music

Writing Experience

• All stories produced had interviews incorporated in them
• Scheduled interviews were recorded with permission
• Impromptu interviews were noted and names were taken with permission
Public Affairs
• Attended public meetings that were open discussions
• Incorporated questions and answers from speakers and citizens
• Provided equal attention to different solutions discussed
• Researched the topic and included contacts and dates of future meetings
Sports Review
• Attended an off campus sporting event
• Developed story from interviews with patrons and employees
• Included research and speculation about team history
Event Review
• Produced a review according to the performances, atmosphere, and the host of the event
• Included opinions of attendees and history of event
Personality Profiles
• Created profiles based on interviews with sources
• Each profile was written at different lengths: paragraph, column, and full feature
Movie Documentary
• Recorded interviews with different associations
• Incorporated research that consisted of both historical and current information
• Movie was created using iTunes, iMovie, and Windows Media Player

Technical Skills

Windows (98, 2000, 7, Vista)
Macintosh OS X
Microsoft Office (07, 10)
Audacity (recoding)
Pixelmator (Photoshop)

Work Experience
Clerk -York Video, York, PA May 2009 – Feb 2011
• Developed signs, advertisements, and nametags for company use
Clerk/Inventory - Stauffers of Kissel Hill, Wrightsville, PA March 2009 – May 2009
• Created SKU codes and pricing sheets for customer and company use
Clerk/Computer Maintenance - John Shelley’s Garden Center, Felton, PA May 2006 – June 2007
• Maintained a customer mailing list for managers
• Created labels, SKU codes, and signs for company use
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Technical Writing