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Rebecca Shamtoob

Freelance Salesperson & Telemarketer

Location:United States
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A savvy, innovative, commercial-minded digital marketing expert highly regarded for planning and leading comprehensive marketing and sales strategies in support of business goals and objectives. A creative leader with expertise in developing and executing international marketing and sales programs resulting in exponential gains in both revenue and brand recognition. Known for driving the growth of target markets through the analysis of market data, assessment of business trends, and development of initiatives to ensure corporate objectives are achieved. Proven manager with excellent communication skills, demonstrated by the ability to successfully manage large campaigns and diverse individuals in competitive markets.

I've spent much of my career building and training sales and marketing teams for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Clients include Neutrogena, Polaroid, FIGS, HBO, Nine West, Marc Jacobs, Jennifer Lopez, Benefit Cosmetics, Barstool Sports Cutera, Alma Lasers, and more.. I made my first $ 1 million at the age of 25 and continue to grow. My career has been built through the development of industry-leading sales teams, marketing strategies and market development plans. Its scalability fulfills its individuality. Thanks to this unique approach, I was able to participate in all areas of business. All my areas of expertise focus on emotional marketing, sales and recruiting.

1. Build a custom website and goal-achieving process with a focus on conversions
2. Build a sales and marketing automation system to transform leads
3. Market development strategies for new products and solutions for continuous sales and marketing

Recent results include a SaaS client (0 to 10,000 clients) growing 3 million in 7 months, and another client $ 4 million in a single quarter in 10 consulting hours. including recurring revenue. Increase, If you are looking for someone to optimize your sales and marketing strategy, plan a new sales initiative, or create a higher level of efficiency and automation in your process I am the person for your organization.
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