Amber Lynn Patten

Freelance Environmental Engineer & Website Designer

Location:Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Phone: 3853478670
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A freelancer is also called as a freelance worker, the freelancers are hired by various sector on a long-term or short-term contract basis. Typical jobs of the freelancers include – web designing and web development, photography, freelance writers, editors, graphic arts, computer programming, and the list go endless. Freelancer takes up work on an independent basis from clients or companies and ensures that the work is completed on time. The major duties of these freelancers are – identifying and assessing client needs, researching on the project, and completing the project within the stipulated time.

The requirements for this post vary greatly based on the type of work undertaken, but the common skills expected to be seen on the Freelancer Resume should include – quality work delivery, promptness or time punctuality, strong networking abilities, exquisite knowledge of the project undertaken, and a thorough understanding of SEO principles. When it comes to academic qualifications, freelancers have a strong background in the relevant discipline.

Amber has been a contractors, professional model since winning a Runway fashion show and talent competition at age 17.

She has not only learned how to manage herself with a courteous and professional demeanor; She has also becomean an expert photographer!

"My father always said, (" Do what you love and the money will come.")
Well, I have always wanted one particular ability... The chance top make a true and lasting change.. So I had to learn things the hardest way, which taught me just how dangerous the world can be.

Naturally, I had to be on the other side of the camera, so I can help young women navigate through the tricksters and create beautiful portfolios that set up beautiful opportunities!

I have tried many professions, from fast food, phone sales, hypnotisit ( top heal the mind, not take your freewill,) to now being a Full Digital Marketing Expert and Software Developer!

The money hasn't been a driving force in my life. I was taught that life will always provide what is necessary to survive. So, I've been free to try just about anything that catches my interests!"

From the smallest acts of kindness, to an Eco-Village Project and corporation, Amber Lynn has certainly lived more in her short life than most ever will.

12 years in the making and now she is patiently waiting for the moment to launch her vision. Till then: I've stayed busy learning.

Digital transformation, operations obstacles, and an ever-evolving labor market continue to fundamentally change how the U.S. works. In part due to The Great Resignation and the millions of Americans who voluntarily left full-time positions over the past year, many organizations are experiencing challenges finding and retaining highly-skilled talent.

“Every company is vying for the best talent to stay competitive. This often means looking beyond hiring traditional full-time employees to find independent talent that offer advanced skills in areas like technology, marketing, or customer service,” said Margaret Lilani, VP of Talent Solutions at Upwork. “Our data indicates that not only is there a huge demand for a broad range of professional skills, but also businesses big and small are shifting their approach to accessing talent and looking to freelancers to fill critical skills gaps.”

A recent Upwork report found that skilled remote freelancing continues to grow — 53% of all freelancers provided skilled services such as computer programming or marketing this past year, up from 50% in the year prior. Upwork’s most in-demand skills lists reveal the essential role that highly-skilled independent talent will play in filling talent gaps and solving businesses’ most pressing needs in 2022.

Below us the recent work Amber has done in between 2021 and 2022

Headline : Passionate about learning, technology and the arts, I consider myself to be in constant professional evolution. I thrive in environments where teamwork is required. Always ready to cooperate and willing to learn. Dedicated to my work and always urged to deliver the best results, not resting until finding the answer to every problem that comes my way.

Skills : PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, CSS3, JSON, XML, Linux, Mac OS X, MySQL, JQuery, HTML 5, Git, Ajax, PostgresSQL, Wordpress.
Description :

Developed improved systems to address inventory management and logistics.
Identified potential markets and competition for several small business concepts.
Sourced best-in-class vendors to provide quality products and/or services.
Market and cost analysis to determine to price for emerging retail customers.
Technology Development o WordPress, wireframe diagrams, and custom coding with PHP and SQL.
Marketed through social media platforms, word of mouth, and referrals.
Included business, individual, organizational, and promotional applications.

Self-motivated problem solver with proven leadership and collaborative abilities. Self-directed, results oriented Professional seeking to contribute to an elite team of representatives dedicated to improving the quality of lives.

With millions of followers across 8 platforms, her unique targeted marketing, knows no bounds.

No matter how you look at it, it would be illogical not to find out for yourself what Amber Lynn Patten is capable of helping you and your business with!