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Azumas Art

Freelance Digital Artist & Artist

Location:Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
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I am a digital artist working for a small upcoming games company, and I specialise in detailed renderings of fantastic characters. I mostly have experience in super hero and fantasy work, but am willing to take on most projects. I have practice in several art styles, but my expertises is in a more digital painterly look, but I can alter the degree of the painterly/digital design as you need.

After getting frustrated by other artists taking months or longer to do a simple art piece, my company hired me to do dozens of character designs for their product, as I could get four or five done in a week. If you give me a good brief, maintain communication, and pay me well, I will get your work done within one week or less. Larger commissions may take longer depending on their size, but I will keep you abreast of the progress so you can make changes as you need.

Currently all the work I have done is owned by the company I work for, but there are some samples on this site.

Please get in touch with any questions you may have, I will do anything from a small one-off character design, to a larger ensemble piece, and the prices vary accordingly (usually from £50 to £500).

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