Chou Lee

Freelance Database Expert & Search Engine Programmer

Location:New South Wales, Australia
2 Skills
Hey there, glad to have you here.

With over 12 years of industry knowledge, I will complete any C++ script, web scrapping, Automation script, and other projects to perfection.

I also teach C++ and help you study for C++ exam.

Full stack developer. Main engineer on blockchain. Highly experienced in technology development, product development and program development.

12+ years’ experience in the Internet development. Used to participated in multiple multi-millions programs.

8+ years’ in the blockchain development, including smart contracts, Encryption technology, consensus algorithm, P2P network communication, distributed storage, etc.

More than 6 years of experience in big data processing, crawler automation technology, data warehouse technology, data filtering technology.

I have worked on numerous projects involving:

Web Scraping.
Web and System Automation
API Integration
Data Analysis
Bulk data extraction and conversion
Machine learning and Data Mining
Django & Flask Apps
Assignments and Lab Work Help
Customized Scripts for specific purpose