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Location:Coventry, Rhode Island, United States
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I am a 34y.o. female currently residing in West Warwick RI.
I am working on an auto biography, and mainly write poetry.
Writing has been a passion of mine since I was old enough to hold a pencil and spell.
In only 5th grade I was tested to see how far ahead I was academically compared to the rest of the other 5th graders in my school. At that time it was then determined that I'd only aged 10 and while I was in 5th grade I had a college-level vocabulary and a college level spelling ability. By the age of 18 my mother had a total of 300 page172 journals I had filled with my poetry throughout the years from age 14 to 18, and that was 172 journals all containing 300 pages, which I wrote only poetry in, in a span of 4 years, and that equals out to 51,600 pages poetry written in a four-year span of just My Teenage life unfortunately my mother passed away on September 11th 2016 after a battle with a brain tumor that left her blind and half deaf and she suffered an unbelievable amount. Sadly the brain tumor is hereditary and a year after her death I found out I now have the same thing which is commonly fatal but I keep my head up and I'm doing everything I can to take the steps needed to not have the same outcome as my mother and luckily they caught it early. Due to my mother's passing and the fact that she lived in Las Vegas Nevada I was unable to obtain any of these journals and so they were all discarded. I'm hoping to find somebody willing to work with me that would be willing it to help me with my autobiography and publish it as I've spoken to many Publishers explaining my life story and have been told it will sell and I can make please close to millions of dollars I'm willing to split the money with whoever can help me 50/50 and I'd like to make a book of poetry. If you're interested in speaking to me please contact me via email and just give me a chance to explain my story and I think it will be well worth your time to listen
Not only do I write poetry, but I also write songs.
My family comes from a long line of artists of all types. My mother was an amazing artist when it came to drawing, my sister and I love photography but she's also an amazing painter, I have family that play instruments like the guitar drums and violin as well as singers.
I to write songs all the time and a lot of them come to me instantaneously and I'll just start singing them so I have to record myself so we don't forget the lyrics when I sing them for people they'll tell me "this could be a hit" so I often record whatever comes to my head and I'm very good at rhyming words. I also I'm very good at singing. my father was a musician a songwriter and a sitter my brother is a musician a songwriter and a singer. When my mother realized my talent at age 7 she decided to put me into voice lessons which I took from age 7 until age 17 I can honestly say writing is my passion but music and singing would come as a close second.
And then my third greatest Talent in something I took classes for 46 years with my teacher being Mark Goddard who played Dawn in the original Lost in Space was drama acting. Acting was everything to me I absolutely adore it I would love to get back into acting and one day being a Broadway play but in the end if I had to pick one thing I couldn't live without it would be writing I hope one day somebody responds to this being interested I'm looking at my writing being interested in hearing my story and helping me with my book thank you so much

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