Lainey Quinn

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Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Hello and welcome to my page, where you can learn about my exciting career path and digital marketing services!

My professional history includes almost a decade of experience in journalism and digital marketing roles in Ireland and Australia. Since 2015, I have also been freelancing with Hawk Marketing and have worked with over 200 brands from a hugely diverse range of industries such as recruitment, mining, oil & energy, AI, engineering, health & beauty, fitness, photography, and lots more.

As a result of my extensive and highly sought-after experience, the services and skills I've perfected over the years include writing, content marketing, search engine optimisation, social media advertising, email marketing, and budget management.

In particular, the full-time digital marketing roles I've held have been for both small, medium, and large award-winning agencies. This invaluable experience has taught me how to single-handedly manage client relationships and execute marketing campaigns of all sizes and budgets.

Similarly, my 5+ years of journalism experience involved writing for publications of all sizes including small community newspapers, global magazines, and fast-paced national broadsheets. Again, this experience has given me unparalleled skills in mastering the written word for a variety of audience types.
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